Helldivers 2 shows off in-depth gameplay focused on co-op and combat

Tom Henry

helldivers 2 shows off in depth gameplay focused on co op and

Arrowhead Game Studios, responsible for helldivers 2has shared today new information about this project for PS5 and PC announced during the last PlayStation Showcase. Although it does not yet have a release date (we know at least that it will arrive in 2023), the new gameplay that has been published today allows us to take an in-depth look at the combat systems and to the cooperative of this title.

In addition to new trailer gameplaywhich you can see under these lines, an extensive article has also been shared on the official PlayStation blog in which Katherine Baskin, community manager study, explains some details of the project.

This is the gameplay of Helldivers 2

This article explains that there is a very important preparation phase in which we will have to decide together with our teammates the armor, weapons and stratagems (which are “powerful tools that we can invoke just by pressing short button combinations”) that we want to use during the mission. These tools seem to be fundamental in helldivers 2since they can allow us to use “from aerial bombardments to Hell pods with bigger and more powerful weapons, through additional supplies”.

It will also be important to take into account the role of each player: “Each member of the squad can play in their own way. Some will charge headlong into the battlefield, while others will prefer to call in a sniper rifle and take out enemies from a safe distance,” the article says. “If you advance stealthilyYou may even avoid confrontations. You are free to choose the method that you like best to propagate managed democracy: up close and wildly or strategically“.

helldivers 2 arrive this year on PS5 and PC. Under these lines you can see a gallery with new imagess of the project.

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