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Hi-Fi Rush is a graphic marvel according to Digital Foundry

Hi-Fi Rush is a graphic marvel according to Digital Foundry, and no wonder, since the artistic and graphic section of the title is outstanding. Not because of its realism, but because of its originality and graphic freshness, which an art desEsports Extrasoffers us. different from what we are used to and that without a doubt, has captivated both players and different studios and companies.


Both Alexander Battaglia and john linnemanDigital Foundry workers, have praised the graphic and artistic aspect of the new game from Bethesda Softworks. Hi-Fi Rush has reached player heights since its surprise release that no one would have imagined. It has arrived stomping and conquering the hearts of all PC and Xbox Series X | S players, platforms on which it is exclusively available.

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Hi-Fi Rush is a graphical marvel according to Digital Foundry, and many more consider it a gem in the rough

From the medium they praise above all the 2D stylization of typical 3D desEsports Extrastechniques in video games, a feat that not many studios and titles achieve carry it out correctly, let alone make it a success. Hi-Fi Rush is a graphic marvel according to Digital Foundry and they make it very clear to us. The case of the game is quite unique and is that it is a perfect combination of a good artistic design, good development choices, and an outstanding and special graphic section.

According to statements by Alexander Battaglia himself, a member of Digital Foundry: «Hi-Fi Rush in its first 5 minutes assured me a very high position in the Charts of the year 2023. 2D styling of typical 3D techniques is out of this world. Amazing.”

Hi-Fi Rush is a graphic marvel according to Digital Foundry, and they are delighted with the graphic section of the title that we will undoubtedly see it in the lists of games with the best graphics of 2023. It would not be surprising if in the next few hours, more media communication and specialists join this stream of praisewhich would be added to those that already bear the title of Bethesda Softworks.

Also, we can enjoy both on PC and Xbox Series X | S, and it is that Hi-Fi Rush is a title that you cannot miss and that is on everyone’s lips. If you want to know a bit more about the game, check out our analysis of it. In addition, with a perfect marketing strategy, and a game that meets and knows how to engage and make its players enjoy, we have the perfect technique to achieve success, already in sight.