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Hi-Fi Rush is finally shown… and it’s available now!

There were already strong rumors these days that we would see the new from Tango Gameworks in this Xbox Developer_Direct, but Hi-Fi Rush has been the most refreshing thing about the Microsoft developer conference because we didn’t know about the game, and because they have also announced that it is available from today.


But what is Hi-Fi Rush? Well, it is a action title with touches hack and slash in which our protagonist has a powerful mechanical arm with which he fights all kinds of enemies… whenever he goes connected to an mp3 player and follow the rhythm of the music.

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Curious and refreshing. And besides the vibrations (a bit like the ones we feel when watching the movie Baby Driver), it seems that music and rhythm here will be much more fluid and varied than those of another title that bases its gameplay on a similar premise such as Metal: Hellsinger. . And with a scandalous soundtrack, moreover, in which there are songs from The Prodigy, The Black Keys, Zwan and Nine Inch Nailsto name a few.

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In Hi-fi Rush you control the combat, but everything is synchronized with the music that is playing at that moment: Doors that open, enemies that move, even the background reacts to each beat. And as if that weren’t enough, the comic book style visuals, with bullet points and speech bubbles to show on-screen hits, give it a unique personality.

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It won’t take long to tell you about our impressions of playing it, because according to its creators, the title will enter Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass tonight, so tonight it’s time to go jam sessions. Take a look at the launch trailer below.

Hi Fi RushHi Fi Rush