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Hi-Fi Rush is more profitable than Forspoken on Steam in its launch week, despite being on Xbox Game Pass | we are xbox

What had been rumored for a few days has ended up becoming a reality. Hi-Fi Rush is a success in just 4 days on sale and having launched on Xbox Game Pass. New from the creators of The Evil Within (a detail that surprised all the fans) introduces us to Chai, an aspiring idol who will have to face a mega-corporation with his team of fighters, to the rhythm of the music. The game not only managed to endear itself to the public on its release day, but is also a hit with professional critics, as its ratings to date have shown.


All these figures make it inevitable that Hi Fi Rush compare with the titles that have come out these days in the market; especially with Forspoken. Although neither has anything to do with the other, the tensions that have been dragging on all these months between Microsoft and Sony have made critics and the public compare the reception of both games; either because of the exclusivities (total or temporary) of the games or because Hi-Fi Rush has been launched on a service that Sony is not happy with and that is totally opposed to its market model, taking into account everything that is it is leaking from the conversations between the companies and we organize them from the competition.

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HI-Fi Rush is more profitable than Forspoken on Steam in its launch week, despite being on Xbox Game Pass:

the analyst Benji-Sales It has been the one that has given the data officially, of the sales figures for the week on Steam. Although the best seller has been Steam Deck, followed by Dead Space, Hi-Fi Rush has managed to sneak into eighth place, beating Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Hogwarts Legacy. However, more spectacular is that it has managed to be more profitable than Forspoken in the same time on sale, with Hi-Fi Rush having gone on sale for €29.99 and Forspoken for €69.99.


“Very impressed with Hi-Fi Rush for its position in the weekly ranking by revenue and for only costing $30.

Hi-Fi Rush, on sale for $30, has made more profit in its launch week than Forspoken did for $70. It’s really impressive, especially considering that it went on sale as soon as it was announced.


This has nothing to do with the Forspoken/Hi-Fi Rush console war.


I have only made the comparison because both games have been released in the same week and there is a large price difference between them. I’m not pointing fingers at Forspoken, but highlighting Hi-Fi Rush’s impressive debut, taking those factors into account.”

Hi-Fi Rush is more profitable than Forspoken on Steam in its launch week, despite being on Xbox Game Pass 43

This shows, once again, that Xbox Game Pass does not hurt the market, but is a service that is fully compatible with the sale of games separately. Now it only remains to be seen if Hi-Fi Rush will have a sequel.

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