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Highlights of Pokemon GO in July 2023 and their bonuses

highlights of pokemon go in july 2023 and their bonuses

The Pokemon GO Highlight Hours come back in July 2023 to give us more chances to complete the Pokedex and get some Shiny.

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary with millions of active players, the mobile title continues to bring us fun events and helpful features to complete them.

But some of the classic objectives of the app remain the same, including the possibility of capturing as many Pokemon as possible. Especially during Prime Hours.


The Pokemon GO Highlight Hours in July 2023

Something you should consider to take advantage of the Highlight hours of July in Pokemon GO It will be to be attentive to each of the events.

There are only four Featured Hours per month, one for each Tuesday and focused on a specific Pokemon. These will only go on for an hour, and you can miss them if you’re not careful.

That’s why here you can find all the Pokemon GO Highlight Hours in July 2023:

  • Rufflet: July 4th from 6PM to 7PM (Local Time) – Double Stardust Capture Bonus
  • Wailmer: July 11 from 6PM to 7PM (Local Time) – Double XP Bonus for Capture
  • Rhyhorn: July 18th from 6PM to 7PM (Local Time) – Double Candy Bonus for Capture
  • Yungoos: July 25 from 6PM to 7PM (Local Time) – Double Candy Bonus for Transfer

Pokemon GO Featured Hours Begin: Can They Be Shiny?

The Pokemon GO Highlight Hours in July 2023 They will have four Pokemon, and fortunately all of them will be able to appear in their Shiny variants.

One thing you should keep in mind is that 1 out of 500 Pokemon you meet should be Shiny, or even sooner if you’re lucky. But the more frequently you encounter the same Pokemon, the faster you’ll see its Shiny variant. Especially if other players are finding it too.

In the Pokemon GO Highlight Hours the spawn rate of a Pokemon is increased, which also affects its Shiny variant. Your chances will improve even more if you use incense to attract a good number of them. You can check all existing Shiny Pokemon in Leekduck.

If you have doubts about the Pokemon variocolor or Shinyyou can always check our guide with all the probabilities of finding Shiny variants in Pokemon GO.


Tips to take advantage of featured hours of July 2023

The Pokemon GO Highlight Hours in July 2023 they will only be effective if you can make the most of them. This is a good opportunity to evolve a Pokemon or look for its Shiny variant, so it doesn’t hurt to take some precautions.

The essential thing will be to have a good number of berries and accumulated PokéBall. Because you’re going to capture a lot of Pokemon, you will be interested in receiving double the Candy per capture. And depending on the bonus, you might even receive double experience per evolution.


Another precaution will be to make sure have space in your storage. The company recently expanded the inventory, but it can still fill up pretty quickly in 60 minutes of continuous play.

Lastly, it’s worth spending a few coins on a couple of Incenses, so you can take full advantage of the increased spawn rates of the Pokemon GO Highlight Hours.

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