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His mobile is stolen while doing an IRL in Argentina


His mobile is stolen while doing an IRL in Argentina

Without a doubt the direct ones irl (in real life), are one of the great attractions of streaming platforms. The spontaneity, surprise characters and knowing places you have never visited These are some of the reasons why this type of live shows are currently so successful. However, not all moments are so positive, let them tell jinnytty. The streamer Korean had her mobile phone stolen on her first day in Buenos Aires while she was live. Finally, as she has highlighted, she has recovered her device thanks to the Argentines.

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jinnytty You will forever remember your trip to Argentina. The Korean came to Argentina to do irl, a very common content on his channel, but the broadcast did not last long. While Jinnytty was walking through the streets of the Argentine capital, someone pulled their mobile to later run towards the subway. All this fact could be seen live while the Korean screamed warning that she was live, a notice that was useless. What could have been something set up to go viral was actually a live robbery. The live chat moved at full speed after this viral, and dangerous, situation.

One day later, Jinnytty confirmed that he recovered his device thanks to the work of some Argentines. It is unknown how he was able to achieve it, since, as can be read, he assures that his request was not rewarded. Since then, the content creator has not done IRL for Argentina for several days, so she may not feel safe to do it yet. Despite the fact that there are not usually many problems with this type of content, once you suffer this type of scare, it should not be very pleasant to broadcast again. The clip could have gone even more viral if you got to see the thief’s face, but the broadcast was cut off early.

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