Hisui’s Strongest Pokemon for Scarlet and Purple

hisui's strongest pokemon for scarlet and purple

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Hisui’s Strongest Pokemon for Scarlet and Purple

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Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It is the most recent, so it has both new and very old monsters.

This includes Hisui-exclusive variants, which have recently found their way into Paldea thanks to a Pokemon HOME update. For this reason we will not only see more of Hisui’s Pokemon in battles, but also in the competitive one very soon.

For this reason, on this occasion we list the Hisui’s Pokemon that will have more relevance in the competitive.


recently premiered on Pokemon GObut this monster of Hisui could also wreak havoc on scarlet and purple.

Kleavor is one of the Pokemon that gets the Slash ability, which is perfect for it with its excellent offensive stats and slash moves like Rock Ax, which is combined with Rock Trap and X-Scissors.

Unfortunately, his potential can only be exploited if his attacks hit, which can be challenging due to his speed, which is neither too low nor too high. He also doesn’t have much defensive ability or stamina.

Hisui’s Goodra

There’s not much to consider when it comes to Hisui’s Goodra in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

This is a stronger variant of the original, with better balanced stats and better Steel and Dragon types. He has better stamina and his Herbivore ability allows him to counter Amoonguss spores.

You will only need to equip it with Assault Vest, although even without it it can be very effective due to its wide variety of moves, including Vital Drop.


Another of the Hisui’s Pokemon that will sweep in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It’s the speedy Sneasler.

His strength lies in the fact that his Light ability allows him to quickly finish off his rivals by doubling his speed when he uses an object. With the Psyche Seed he can activate the ability and enhance his effects if you combine him with female Indeedee. These two are an excellent combination, as Indeedee offers the support that Sneasler needs by being very fragile, redirecting hits.

On offense he can be very effective with Sword Dance, or any attack that exploits his 130 stats.

Hisui’s Arcanine

Arcanine is in itself a Popular Pokemon in Competitive. However, his Hisui variant will soon surprise us in scarlet and purple.

This one can offer you a lot of resistance in combat at the same time that it uses Intimidation to reduce the Attack of its rivals. His Rock Head hidden ability grants him immunity to knockback damage, so he can Headbutt with 150 power times STAB without any repercussions.

Other empowered moves include Cruel Volt and Fiery Blitz, both of which can be very effective in competitive. You also have the option to Teracrystallize it to cover its weaknesses.

hisui pokemon scarlet

Hisui’s Typholosion

This explosive Hisui variant of Typholosion will soon find its way into the competitive pokemon scarlet and purple.

The interesting thing about this Pokemon is that it is faster than Torkoal, the regular Burst user, while still being slower than its Jhoto counterpart. It also has better offensive stats, as well as a Ghost-type that grants it immunity to Surprise and Image of Ursaluna.

You will only need to equip it with a Choice Scarf or increase its speed with other Pokemon. You’ll also be able to take advantage of a Stab boost on Shadow Ball and its signature move, Spectral March.

hisui pokemon scarlet

male baculegion

If you have a male Basculegion, you don’t want to waste it in battles of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

Since Posthumous Tribute is the strongest move in Basculegion and is physical, it’s best to focus on its male variant. This not only deals damage, but also increases its power by 50 for each downed ally.

Swift Swim is also interesting as it doubles the wielder’s speed in rainy weather, which pairs nicely with Water Avoid.

hisui pokemon scarlet

Enamorus form Totem

Among Hisui’s Pokemon that will reach Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Enamorus is found, and in his Totem form he is quite a threat.

The best thing about this Pokemon is that it has a high resistance despite being able to go on the offensive with its Fairy type. It’s an excellent choice for Trick Room and can avoid Amoonguss spores thanks to its Sheath ability. Not to mention the chances that Ground and Fairy types give it.

hisui pokemon scarlet


Undoubtedly Ursaluna will be one of the Hisui’s strongest Pokemon in Scarlet and Purple.

It will basically be one of the best offensive Pokemon, considering that it has a base Attack of 140 and possesses the ability Grit. This increases your Attack by 50% if you have any status effects like burning, sleeping, poisoned or paralyzed.

If Ursaluna is equipped, Flamesphere will burn, increasing in power with minimal damage per turn, and ignoring the damage penalty. Guts will keep his attack high and the burn will allow him to double the damage of the Image movement, going from 70 to 140 power. He could even quadruple his Normal Teratype, which will pair great with his Ground-typing and attack power.

hisui pokemon scarlet

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