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Hogwarts Legacy: a free DLC but it will have to be done quickly

hogwarts legacy: a free dlc but it will have to

If you’re still into the magic of Hogwarts then here’s some great news for you to get some extra content.


Even if madness Hogwarts Legacy has fallen over the months it must be admitted that the game was a huge hit with no less than 15 million sales in May 2023 with a gargantuan turnover of 1 billion dollars. And at the end of May 2023 (as of this writing) there is good news for players who still haven’t managed to get their hands on exclusive cosmetic items.

Hogwarts Legacy: a free DLC

Good news, Hogwarts Legacy offers players a new opportunity to obtain Merlin’s cape and Professor Ronen’s cosmetic set. Indeed Avalanche Software, listened to the fans who felt that they had not had enough chances to obtain the famous cape. Originally, the studio only provided two ways for fans to get the content. First, during the pre-launch of Hogwarts Legacy , then during output. After several complaints and comments from players, the studio realized that it had not sufficiently taken into account the different time zones… This is why a third possibility is opening up to the community to recover the free DLC .

Avalanche corrected their mistake and held an event dubbed “Legacy Live”, where fans once again have the opportunity to get Merlin’s set. The creator will also give away the Professor Ronen cosmetic set, brand new wardrobe items that players won’t be able to find anywhere else. Set includes goggles, gloves, outfit, dress, tassel hat and scarf.


Legacy Live! returns June 1st at 9am with guests from @AvalancheWB Audio, writing teams and more! And don’t forget to log in to get Merlin’s Cloak and Ronen’s Cosmetic Set before the redemption period for Twitch Drops ends!

What’s next for the Harry Potter game?

On November 14, 2023, Nintendo Switch players will be able to experience the game. As for a potential Hogwarts Legacy 2 we don’t have any news on this subject at the moment or even on the development of an extension or a massive DLC in terms of content (other than cosmetic). But given the critical and public success of the game, it is difficult to imagine Warner not continuing to exploit the vein. We will see what the future holds for us. On the other hand, we know that Avalanche is recruiting for an unannounced AAA game… Mystery…