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Hogwarts Legacy Commemorates Late Hagrid Actor With Magical Monument | we are xbox

The magical title of Hogwarts Legacy has hooked almost all the players who have tried it, because it does an excellent job when immersing us in the famous world in which the magical adventures of Harry Potter take place. On the other hand, the developers are as fans as the players themselves, so they have decided to implement a nice detail for the entire community. That is how Hogwarts Legacy commemorates the late Hagrid actor with a magical monument which we will see later in this article.


Since before its worldwide release in early February, players have already begun to enjoy the version of the magical world that Avalanche Software offers. His excellent work is reflected in the great reception that the title has received from fans and players outside the entire franchise that surrounds the game. With a big map to explore, the studio took it upon themselves to hide many secrets and Easter Eggs so that players can be excited to find them.

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With a magical Hogwarts Legacy monument commemorates the lateto hagrid actor who brought him to life in the Harry Potter movies

Through a clip on TikTok, the user known as Why…so.sirius takes off on his broom from the clock tower and heads south towards a cabin based on Hagrid’s place in the Harry Potter movies. At the back of the cabin facing the Black Lake, there is a small tombstone with a hippogriff carved on the front., which clearly references Hagrid’s animal companion, Buckbeak, first seen in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This gesture touched fans and they praised the small detail, even if it doesn’t technically fit with the game’s timeline.

Avalanche Software has ensured that there is an enormous amount of ground to explore in Hogwarts Legacy, so much so that gamers have come across references to other titles like Dark Souls and Elden Ring, having the iconic bonfire near the Inferi Lair, along with large tombstones on a nearby wall referencing Limgrave of the Elden Ring. The developer has also included some more low-key tributes to the Potter franchise, like the reference to the late actor Robbie Coltraine (Hagrid).