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Hogwarts Legacy does not have any DLC in progress, according to its director

Hogwarts Legacy has conquered the followers of Harry Potter with his magic. The Avalanche Software title recently received a patch that improved its performance on PC and Xbox Series X / S after the great report of bugs and problems by the gaming community. The prequel to the JK Rowling saga has also sold 56% more digital copies than Elden Ring at its launch and has been a top seller in Japan. It was rumored that due to his success, the company was already working on a DLC to add extra contentbut Alan Tew, its director, has confessed in an interview during the Esports ExtrasFan Fest that At the moment there is no DLC in progress.

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Avalanche Software does not currently have any additional content planned for Hogwarts Legacy.

We have been very focused on bringing Hogwarts Legacy to life. So, at the moment, there are no current plans for a DLC“, commented the head of the game. Hogwarts Legacy It has a long duration that allows us to explore the castle grounds that we automatically associate with the figure of Albus Dumbledore and Hogsmade, the magical town next to the educational center where getting lost is a gift. With the statements of the director, it is clear that Avalanche Software continue to focus on improving Hogwarts Legacy. If there is additional content, it will be released in the somewhat distant future.

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In our analysis we tell you that Hogwarts Legacy It’s the experience every Harry Potter fan has been looking for: “This is the game that many fans of the Harry Potter universe have been waiting for a lifetime. For many other players, it will be another action RPG in the open world made with a mold and with a structure that is beginning to tire and whose defects are well known. Despite its initial rhythm problems, the campaEsports Extrasoffers us magical situations and spectacular moments, and phases that judiciously mix environmental puzzles and combat with a dynamism and spectacularity that has surprised us.” Take a look at our guide to complete the game!

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