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Hogwarts Legacy has been banned by the biggest ‘speedrunners’ charity event

Games Done Quick, the world’s largest speed racing charity event, has expanded its submission guidelines to include a bunch of “not allowed” video games.

This covers titles that “have content, views, or origin that we’ve deemed unsuitable for our broadcast,” ranging from anything with an ESRB Adults-Only rating to anything banned on Twitch, to a host of other games, including everything related to the Harry Potter brand.

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This means that, despite already being one of the biggest titles of the year, you won’t be seeing Hogwarts Legacy at any GDQ events in the future, as it’s on the list that also includes God of War and Five Nights at Freddy’s, from 2005.

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GDQ has stated that the list is “not final”, and that it can be changed “at any time”.

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Hogwarts Legacy