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Hogwarts Legacy is the best release in Warner’s history

Hogwarts Legacy is the game of the moment, the best-selling title so far in 2023 and probably in the remainder of the year. The success of the game has been so immense, that in just a few days it was the third most played game on Steam and reached a maximum of 879,308 concurrent players. We are talking about impressive figures considering that it is a game without an online mode. Now the publisher Warner Bros has shown how popular it has been Hogwarts Legacysince it announces to us more than 12 million sales and $850 million raised in two weeks.

The year 2023 began with games that were highly anticipated by the players, but not exactly on the right foot. And it is that, one of the first titles that arrived was Forspoken and this ended up being a disappointment for many. The game was not as graphically impressive as we saw in the first trailers and the story did not captivate the players. But shortly after the release of this came Hogwarts Legacy, which at the beginning of February was a resounding success. Early access to the game 3 days before its launch in stores already had more than 500,000 players in Steam and everything indicated that it would be one of the most played games ever.

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The publisher Warner Bros. is nothing but happy with the results that this latest game based on the Harry Potter saga has provided. For Warner, Hogwarts Legacy is the biggest release in its history and this is not exactly a little-known indie company. And it is that with the figures that they give us, we are easily before a game that belongs to the Top 5 best sellers in such little time. Warner Bros confirms Hogwarts Legacy has been a bestseller with 12 million copies and has grossed $850 million worldwide in just two weeks.

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Consider that this game has broken sales records on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S and of course, on PC. In addition, you have provided us with data on playing time. Here they speak of nothing less than 280 million hours played to date, almost nothing.


It has achieved almost the same sales as Cyberpunk 2077

Video game launch sales

If we compare the best-selling games in history in this short period of time, Hogwarts Legacy does not achieve the sales record. In fact, GTA V it already sold almost the same (11.21 million units) on its first day. After 3 days this popular Rockstar game reached 16.5 million unitscollecting 1 billion dollars. Another game that surpasses Hogwarts Legacy in sales is cyberpunk 2077which on its first day reached 10.2 million units and in one week it reached 13 million.

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Hogwarts Legacy does really well, since in two weeks it has managed to exceed the collection of 50 million dollars Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II in 3 days. In addition, in that same period of time it outsold Call of Duty: Black Ops II (7.5 million). Of course, it is behind red dead redemption 2 What did you get 17 million units in 2 weeks. Elden Ring for his part, recently announced that he was able to surpass the 20 million players after 1 year launch, so Hogwarts should achieve similar numbers if it continues like this.

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