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Hogwarts Legacy is the best-selling video game of 2023 and it’s not out yet

Hogwarts Legacy could surpass all its competitors in this 2023, the cross-platform release combined with the continued strength of the Harry Potter intellectual property bets that it will be one of the biggest video games of recent years.

Hogwarts Legacy was starting to top the sales charts in some places for a month now, but as it currently stands, only a week before release. The game has made higher profits on Steam much higher than CSGO microtransactions and the recently released Dead Space remake.

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However, Hogwarts Legacy is the best-selling game on the Epic Store, ahead of Dead Space and Borderlands 3 at 90% off for $7. On Amazon, Hogwarts Legacy Deluxe and Regular Editions are the #1 and #2 best-selling games for PS5. On Amazon, two Deluxe Editions and the regular Hogwarts Legacy Editions are the #1, #2 and #3 best-selling games on Xbox Series X.

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See an open world video game Harry Potter it turns out to be an interesting one, the first in more than two decades since the book series launched. That is what is driving all this, it is quite simple, the franchise has many fans, we can only wait for its release next week and we will see how its numbers will be and especially the criticism of the press and that of the fans.

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