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Hogwarts Legacy – Lumos secret feature reveals sad werewolf story

Already knew?  With Lumos you can change a mural in Hogwarts.

Already knew? With Lumos you can change a mural in Hogwarts.

In Hogwarts Legacy, Lumos is primarily used to give you light in dark areas. But did you know that the spell has another use? Reddit member “KomradKomrad” (via Gamerant) is now drawing our attention to this. Because Lumos not only serves as a guide, but also reveals a sad story that a mural tells us.

Werewolf painting with a tragic story

It’s about this painting: In the dungeons of Hogwarts there is a room with a large painting that tells a story about a young woman and a werewolf. The highlight? Shining the Lumos Charm on the work of art changes the imagery of the painting and with it the story it tells. The images below show what it looks like:


The story without Lumos: If you look at the painting without the Lumos spell activated, it tells the story of a young mother who lives in a castle with her child. The woman and her followers are attacked by a werewolf, but successfully chase the creature away.


The story when you illuminate the picture with Lumos: If you look at the picture with the Lumos spell activated, the young woman’s story turns into a tragedy. In this version of the painting, she also has a child. However, she is bitten by the werewolf and then chased away by her followers, as she is now a werewolf herself. She is now a danger to her child and must therefore give it into the hands of others, as the last picture of the mural shows us.

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The Youtube video below shows you how to find the room with the werewolf painting:


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In general, it’s worth trying Lumos on murals. For example, have you discovered the empty picture frames and don’t know what to do with them? A light will show you the way.

More exciting things about Hogwarts Legacy:

JK Rowling’s transphobia: The success of Hogwarts Legacy indirectly benefits Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who participates through existing publishing rights and the associated sale of the books. Rowling continues to be active in anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policies in the UK. If you want to find out more about the topic, you will find a summary of the most important controversies surrounding Hogwarts Legacy here.

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By the way, you can watch our test video for Hogwarts Legacy again here:


Hogwarts Legacy - The open world game in the Potter universe in the test


Hogwarts Legacy – The open world game in the Potter universe in the test

Hogwarts Legacy has been playable for pre-orders since February 7th, but has been available for everyone else since February 10th. The open world adventure is currently playable on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. A Nintendo Switch version as well as versions for PS4 and Xbox One are not expected until later this year.