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Hogwarts Legacy players find themselves with “nothing to do” after beating the game

It is not a reality for anyone that the biggest challenge in games is the content that is available to you once you finish the linear story and the community has expressed this frustration in the acclaimed Hogwarts Legacy..

It seems that players are having issues with side quests, which include the infamous Trials of Merlin. Previously, players have taken issue with the repetitive structure of Trials of Merlin, as well as its trashy final reward.


This is a major problem, considering that Trials of Merlin is the only way to increase your inventory slots. “I finally got my Alohomora at 3 and was so excited to start exploring the world until I found out what it really meant. More than half of the secondary “content” is the horrifying Trials of Merlin and the same cycle of 2-3 treasure vaults (probably AI generated)”lamented Reddit user t00tfruit. “It just baffles me that they actually managed to create secondary content that is worse than Ubisoft.”

They continued: “I swear it’s like the devs are saying ‘okay we’ve created this big beautiful open world with immersive gameplay and lore, now what can we add so players have as little fun as possible and are absolutely afraid to see new ones pop up. map icons? above”.

Soulless side content?
by u/t00tfruit in HarryPotterGame

“Now, I still love almost everything else about the game and I have a lot of fun now that I’ve done them all and only have real missions left to do. Sorry for the rant, it just makes me mad like I’m tired of being punished for my OCD, making me have to do everything even if there’s no good reason to. I hate seeing it incomplete on the map.”


It seems that much of the Reddit thread was on board with the frustrated rant. “Yeah, the game really dropped the ball when you end up at Hogwarts. Most of the things on the open world side feel like they’re there to check boxes.”matched welsh_hero_beans.

“I agree, the only thing that keeps me exploring is getting all the collection chests to decorate my requirement room lol”, added Potato_pineapple. “Yeah, I beat the game in 2 weeks and I haven’t really been back. I thought Hogwarts was incredibly well done and I had a lot of fun exploring it, but now that it’s done I just don’t feel like playing it again, even in a different house.” said another user.