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Hogwarts Legacy reaches 267 million hours played and revives interest in Harry Potter | we are xbox

In case anyone doubted the success of the latest game from Avalanche Software, we now know that Hogwarts Legacy reaches 267 million hours played. This is in addition to the great reception that the game had before its release on Steam, the records it broke on Twitch and the positive notes, both from the press and from players.


In the statements given by David Haddad, president of Warner Bros. Games, collected by Variety, we can get a better idea of ​​the transcendence that Hogwarts Legacy has achieved in such little time. The game has been on sale for just under two weeks, so we will have to wait for official sales numbers.

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Hogwarts Legacy reaches 267 million hours played

Hogwarts Legacy reaches 267 million hours played and is already a franchise seen with a lucrative future

The game has revived interest in the saga, shown in the growing traffic suffered by the Fandom page, exactly the section dedicated to Harry Potter. This growth is 39% higher than that seen in 2018, when the second Fantastic Beasts movie was released.


The updated statistics about certain activities are the following: Hogwarts Legacy reaches 267 million hours played, 242 million potions made, 393 million plants cultivated and 1.25 million dark wizards defeated.

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David Haddad referred to the game and the Harry Potter saga as a franchise that will continue to see the birth of numerous video games. He also referred to the release of the game on the platforms of the last generation: PS4 and Xbox One, which will be released on April 4. He sees the sales of these ports with great optimism, perhaps because this is a market that is still valid and very broad.


The president of Warner Bros. Games preferred not to talk about one of the topics that acted as a speaker on social networks about Hogwarts Legacy. Is about JK Rowling and her tarnished image that, although she did not act as a creative in the development of the game, she bounced all her hatred because she is the creator of the Harry Potter universe.