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Hogwarts Legacy Review

Hogwarts Legacy is definitely one of the most anticipated games this year, we’ve been able to play it, but not long enough to get a definitive review, so this is a review in progress where you will know a little about my impressions about the game.

Hogwarts Legacy, from the beginning and without having to play it enough, I can say that it is a simply beautiful game, with great attention to detail, and with great graphical fidelity to the original work.


The game takes you deep into the bowels of Hogwarts, allows you to create your own character, with a fair amount of customization, maybe not as deep as we’ve seen in other games, but it does give you a fair amount of options to create your own character. character as you like.

The story is most original, it immerses you in Hogwarts in your own shoes, you are not an existing character. You have your own story, with a very particular villain and well, like every story in this phenomenal saga, there are many secrets and prophecies to follow and discover.

Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t feel empty, or like these desert games where you feel like it’s missing a lot of things, quite the opposite, the game is full of life, you’ll find yourself surrounded by students who talk and interact with each other, and keep track of what’s going on. events of the story, it is something simply fantastic. Apart from this, you have the ability to fly around the castle and this just takes the game to another level, it’s visually beautiful.

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But this does not stop there, apart from the vividness of the characters and the atmosphere, we also have a soundtrack that is quite consistent and full of life as well. This may sound simple, but it creates a great immersion in the game.

The gameplay of the game is something of a double edge, for obvious reasons. The combat is exclusively ranged, so it may not be entertaining enough for all of us, but as far as I’ve played the combat feels pretty solid. With basic spells that you can cast by simply pressing R2, combos, and a variety of spells that you can cast. You are also able to cover attacks and automatically perform a counter attack that can stun your enemy. There, with his defenses down, you will be able to kill him with a combo.


So far, I haven’t found much difficulty or challenge in the fight, it’s a very rewarding thing, but definitely, maybe a little bit of challenge could help a bit. Another thing is that the game is guiding you too much, and you are receiving too much help during the game, at times I would like it to trust my intuition a little more and let me solve the matter by myself. Even when the game doesn’t give you clear instructions on what to do, if you have a partner, they give you ideas on how to proceed (Give me a challenge!).

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The gameplay and its open world is something somewhat subjective, since there are story missions where you don’t enjoy this freedom and the game becomes something a bit more linear, it’s not that I’m complaining, in fact, I’m one of those who prefer the games are guided a bit more by the narrative than by an open world so big that you don’t even know where to go, but I’m sure that for many this will be a bit disappointing, but the open world as such, in the opportunities that I’ve had After exploring it, it is definitely full of life and has a wealth of things to do and see.

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Something quite interesting is the amount of spells and luggage you can carry, this gives you freedom and allows you to have a very unique and original character that goes hand in hand with your style of being and playing.

Conclusions so far


Hogwarts Legacy is a simply beautiful game, with a not-so-open world, full of life and places to explore. Its fighting system is very original, it could be somewhat limited for some, but it is the nature of the game, I could not criticize this, in the same way, I still need to delve a little deeper into it to draw definitive conclusions. It has a beautiful soundtrack and very good performances. In short, Hogwarts Legacy, despite some precariousness, seems to be the game that we were promised, in the same way, it is time to delve a little deeper into the game to be able to confirm this.

PS: keep in mind that this post is a review in progress, it is not our final opinion on the game, this may change in the final review. The score is also pending.

This review is being made thanks to a copy for PS5 provided by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.


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