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Hogwarts Legacy: Simple Trick lets you knock out enemies mid-fight

You can't just use Petrificus Totalus for sneaking.

You can’t just use Petrificus Totalus for sneaking.

Petrificus Totalus is actually one of those spells that has a very specific scope in Hogwarts Legacy. Normally you can use it to knock out enemies who haven’t noticed you yet. Especially in combination with the disillusionment spell, it is extremely useful for cleaning up the battlefield before the opponents even discover you.

However, the combo no longer works as soon as you are in open combat. However, this does not make Petrificus Totalus useless, you just have to be a little more creative.


Not just for sneaking around – Petrificus Totalus can do more than you think

As Reddit user Wooryn notes, you can instantly knock out enemies with Petrificus Totalus, even in combat. The only requirement for this is that said opponents are affected by certain spells: So cast it Arresto Momentum, Glacius or Imperio on them, you can then comfortably walk behind them and cast Petrificus Totalus.

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Unlike the Disillusionment spell, your character will actually call out the Body Clamp spell out loud in this case.


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Especially against opponents with a lot of life points, this can speed up the fights a lot. This makes it arguably one of the quickest ways to take out enemies – aside from one of those unforgivable curses that can even kill bosses.

Here are more tricks with the spells in Hogwarts Legacy:


JK Rowling’s transphobia: The success of Hogwarts Legacy indirectly benefits Harry Potter author JK Rowling, who participates through existing publishing rights and the associated sale of the books. Rowling continues to be active in anti-LGBTQIA+ rhetoric and actively supports anti-trans policies in the UK. If you want to find out more about the topic, you will find a summary of the most important controversies surrounding Hogwarts Legacy here.

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Hogwarts Legacy is currently only available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. The versions for PS4 and Xbox One are scheduled to follow on April 4, 2023, and the Nintendo Switch version will come last on July 25, 2023. Although the game has not yet been released for all platforms, Warner Bros. already has a successor Hogwarts Legacy teased. But before that happens, according to one of the developers, we could still get a DLC for the Harry Potter game.