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Hogwarts Legacy: trans character would have been added to distract from the controversy, according to informants

The release of the long-awaited RPG based on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is imminent. But as the release date of Hogwarts Legacy It also increases the controversy fueled by JK Rowling —the writer who created the universe in which the game takes place— and her inhumane rejection of trans people.

We have known for years that the game developers want to get away from the author and her transphobic positions.. At that point we suggested that the game could include a way to create trans characters or even a trans character as a way of supporting that community. These elements are present in the game, but it seems that their inclusion in them has another reason.

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As many have suggested, Hogwarts Legacy does have a trans character and we can create another, but only to get away from the controversy.

What do the informants say about the trans character of Hogwarts Legacy?

According to youtuber James Stephanie Sterling and Liam Robertson, from the channel Did you know gaming, these elements are only there in a performative way. Reliable sources within the development team revealed that the trans character and the option to create one in the character creation system were added to Hogwarts Legacy for the explicit purpose of diverting the conversation from JK Rowling’s transphobia.

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According to them, the trans character of Hogwarts Legacy It has minimal relevance to the game.

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The main concern of the game’s critics is that it will help the author strengthen her platform, which she will continue to use to spread lies about trans people and hurt her community.

Because of this, some ‘streamers’ have started a campaEsports Extrasto sabotage Twitch while it broadcasts advertising related to the game.


Despite these campaigns and controversy, it is likely that Hogwarts Legacy be a success. Much of the gaming public is probably unaware of the controversy. Many others probably don’t think this should affect their decision to buy it.

Sources: official accounts of James Stephanie Sterling and Liam Robertson On twitter