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Homestead Arcana Now Available on Xbox Game Pass – Xbox

And we continue with more additions of titles to the brutal catalog of Xbox Game Pass. A new member has arrived to this impressive family, under the name of Homestead Arcanawhich is already available on the Xbox service on both consoles and PC.

To learn a little about this game, we can tell you that our character finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world in which, for several millennia, the misuse of magic has resulted in the world being submerged in a toxic sea of Miasma that has affected all the inhabitants, however, this is where your story begins, seeking to restore the planet to leave a ray of hope for future generations.


You are the hope to take back the world in Homestead Arcana

From now on you will be responsible for the recovery of your world, you must explore every corner you can, all with the aim of discovering the secret that awaits us and that is behind the Miasma. The story will place us in a tense atmosphere and before a good amount of landscapes that we will have to explore.

In turn, we will have the possibility of using magic and a set of tools to build elements that will help us in our mission, we will also have our interaction with other characters that will allow us to know part of their emotions and become familiar with our work. If you want to know a little more about the game you can go to this link, although you can go on an adventure and live this interesting experience on your own.