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Horcus and DeqiuV are proclaimed champions of the SoloQ Valorant

Revealed all the participants of the SoloQ VALORANT 2022

After twelve hard days of competition in the shooter of riotthe champion of the two categories of the Valorant SoloQ Challenge 2022an initiative organized by BlackEspanolito, HITBOXKING and Lembo. Horcus has been the great winner of the category try hard after garnering 81 wins and 20 losses and greatly distancing themselves from their rivals. On the other hand, DeqiuV has been the winner of the Casual section on a podium closed by Th3Antonio and Raptor.


The Valorant SoloQ Challenge 2022 started on September 20 with two different formats to be able to enjoy different levels, although all the participants, regardless of their ELO, have left a great level and fun moments in the shooter. After twelve days of competition, DeqiuVcontent creator of zetagaminghas been the champion of SoloQ Casual with 36 wins and 17 lossesa marker that has distanced him from his pursuers. This podium is closed by TH3Antonio and Raptor. Except for a couple of content creators, all of them have had a great participation during these days.

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Horcus solidly leads the SoloQ Tryhard

The Solo Q Tryhard It has also occupied the media focus these two weeks due to the high level of its participants and the spread on its channels. The champion of this category has been, deservedly, Horcus. The former player of CS:GO has led this classification after reap 81 wins and 20 losses and accumulate 2745 points. Saiz and VARESBRK finish closing this podium of a championship that has had great streamers USAspeakers and professional players of Valorant.

Mixwell confirmed on September 30 that he was not going to continue playing the SoloQ since he was not enjoying it for “several reasons outside the game and many others inside the game”. The future of the USAplayer is still up in the air and this competition took a backseat in its final days, but, despite everything, he finished in seventh place. great players like Kiles or koldamenta They finished behind the still G2 Esports player.

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