Hori Announces Split Pad Compact Controllers for the West

Tom Henry

One of the characteristics that makes Nintendo Switch unique is its versatility, and that is that Nintendo Switch is the first hybrid console to hit the market. Thanks to this versatility, players can play both in TV mode, sitting on the sofa in the living room and enjoying a large screen television, or in portable mode, being able to play wherever they want. However, not everything is going to be pretty, and it is that one of the great problems that Nintendo Switch has, and it seems that it continues, is the already famous “drift” that its small controls, the Joy-Con, have, as well, that many users complain that they are not comfortable to play in portable mode. Well, if this happens to you, there is always a solution, and Hori is the answer.

The Split Pad Compact arrives

Hori is a company dedicated to making peripherals for different consoles, all of its products being approved and licensed. Some time ago, it launched its already famous Split Pad Pro, a much more ergonomic «Joy-Con» due to its better grip, as well as infarct joysticks. Such has been the success that Hori has launched other Split Pads, this time somewhat more compact. They were initially announced in Japan as Split Pad Fit, but have now been announced as western release under the name Split Pad Compact.

Although in Japan there were four colors, in the West they are going to launch two colors, apricot and light gray and yellow. These Split Pad Compact are much lighter than the pro version, and come with a turbo function, as well as a button on the back that we can configure. It should be remembered that these controls are only for playing in portable mode since they are not wireless, and they do not have gyroscope functions, NFC, as well as an infrared reader. It is currently available for the United States at a price of $49.99but surely it will not take long to reach the European continent.


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