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Horizon-Based Multiplayer Gameplay Leaked Online

Gameplay for what is said to be a multiplayer project in Guerrilla Games’ Horizon universe leaked online this week to show a somewhat unexpected direction for the acclaimed series.

The game in question consists of just over 12 minutes of footage that features a decidedly different style compared to what’s seen in the mainline games Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West.

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We already know that Guerrilla Games is working on a multiplayer project set in this Horizon universe, but the developer, of course, has yet to say anything about this particular leak.

The images seen here were shared on the Horizon subreddit with the poster stating that this was a “very early in development” look at the alpha version of the multiplayer game.


[Very Early in-dev] Horizon Forbidden West Leaked Alpha’s Multiplayer from horizon

It starts with a character missing half his body to show that this is in progress before showing another character hanging out in what is presumably a base camp of some kind. The characters switch back and forth throughout the game to show what some of the options are in terms of customizations.

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