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Horizon Call of the Mountain already has a launch trailer

Sony has just unveiled the launch trailer for Horizon Call of the Mountain, its main PS VR2 exclusive, set in Guerrilla Games’ Horizon universe. Horizon Call of the Mountain will arrive in a few days, on February 22, and includes the protagonist of the main series, Aloy de los Nora.

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But it seems, Aloy He will only make a cameo, as he appears for a brief moment in the launch trailer. Instead, this time we will take control of another protagonist, the soldier of the Shadow Carja ryaswhich has fallen out of favor.

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The machines attack the settlements and the player must find out what is happening. Many of the iconic machines from the Horizon games will appear in Call of the Mountain, such as Longnecks, Snapmaw, and a Gatherer. Take a look at the trailer below.

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