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Horizon Forbidden West DLC hides a reference to The Last of Us Part II

Spoilers for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores and The Last of Us Part II below. Read at your own risk.

Burning Shoresthe new downloadable content of Horizon Forbidden West, is now available to all those PlayStation 5 users who have the base game. Although it has only been with us for a couple of days, some players with a very trained eye have detected a curious easter egg or reference to The Last of Us Part IIthe sequel to one of Naughty Dog’s most acclaimed video games.


Best weapon yet xD
by u/AlbusDumbldor in HorizonForbiddenWest

As you can see in the post of Reddit attached, a user who calls himself albusdumbldor has discovered that in the DLC you can acquire a toy bow –Toy Bow in the screenshot- which refers to a fake bow that we use on Abby during a minigame of the aforementioned sequel to The Last of Us. Curiously, the toy bow is a weapon like the others that we can find in Aloy’s arsenal, so it is possible to create toy arrows from materials. If you are interested in getting it, you can take a look at the publication, since the user reveals where the bow is.

A must-have expansion for fans of Aloy

Burning Shores it feels more like a continuation of Forbidden West than a point and aside, but that is not understood as something negative: it has never claimed more than that. There are new creatures with which to develop different strategies or put into practice all the experience obtained, and uncovers a vast region to explore by land, sea and air, teeming with wild fauna; the plot is interesting, adds nuance and emotion to the character of the protagonist – something that was missing after the two games – and sheds light on the starting point of the next sequel. In short, it is undoubtedly recommended for anyone who enjoys the saga and essential for Aloy fans”, we commented on our complete impressions.