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Horizon multiplayer: Guerrilla Games early gameplay and game art leaked

Last December Guerrilla Games confirmed, after months of rumors, that it is working on a multiplayer project set in the world of Horizon: Zero Dawn Y Horizon Forbidden West. in the last hours a first gameplay of a very early version has been leaked and a piece of art that corroborates the new visual style of the game.


The video shows various characters in an open world, fighting against machines, just as we would expect from the saga. Nevertheless, maps show more vivid color, smoother textures cartoon and a more simplified map than usual, something that could be due to its state of development, from “a very early alpha, from the summer of 2020”, according to the source.

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An illustration gives an idea of ​​what we can expect: hunts against the robotic beasts, perhaps a bit in the style of Monster Hunterwith characters that remind us of the desEsports Extrasof Fortnite either dauntless; each warrior is equipped with different weapons, such as spears and swords. The idea of ​​tribes taking down a Thunderjaw was always at the origin of Horizon Zero Dawnand the first leaked concept art of the project showed sequences of this type.

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One of the Horizon-related projects in the works

Horizon will have series on Netflix, the expansion arrives in April Burning Shores to Forbidden Westsooner rather than later we will see the third chapter of Aloy’s adventures with Horizon 3 and on February 22 it is launched Horizon Call of the Mountain for PS VR2. But there are more games in the saga: there is this multiplayer, we don’t know if it is the same title in collaboration with NCSoft and a remaster or remake of Horizon Zero Dawn with improved technology Horizon Forbidden West which has not yet been announced.

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Officially, Guerrilla Games spoke, in its job offers, that it needed a designer to “create a variety of machines that are spectacular, dchallenging and memorable to fight cooperatively” that creates “worlds to bring the sprawling universe of Horizon to a multiplayer audience.