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Horizon Worlds, Zuckerberg’s “metaverse”, will update its graphics

Facebook switched to Goal in 2021, but with this name change also came their change of mentality, as they wanted to lead the metaverse. This would be the virtual world where we could live and do different activities within it. However, until it officially arrives, Meta has released Horizon Worldsa social network in VR with graphics in true Wii Sports stylewhich has been released with teasing and memes due to its graphic quality, and that is why a future improvement in this aspect was announced.

In 2019, FacebookHorizon was advertised as a social virtual reality game, similar to Second Life and others of this genre. However, as we know, Facebook changed to Meta and with this, Horizon Worlds was used as the new name. This, in fact, is already available for vr goggles Quest 1 Y quest 2plus a version for oculus rift. It was launched last June in the United Kingdom and other European countries, arriving a few days ago at USA and France. Here, mark zuckerbergCEO of Meta, showed screenshots of his avatar in the Eiffel Towerwith totally outdated graphics

Mark Zuckerberg Teases New Horizon Worlds Graphics

Mark Zuckerberg Horizon Worlds Graphics

The boss of Meta has had enough of the criticism he received after showing his captures in horizon worlds. Therefore, the first thing he has decided to do is improve graphic section and make it more competent with current standards. Thus, it will go from having graphics worthy of the Wii and over a decade ago to something much more current. But as we see, everything is mere renders and there is no gameplay video. In fact, it seems that they are simply in the production and development phase to be able to implement this graphical improvement in the future.

So there’s still some time left to see a Fortnite-graphics Mark Zuckerberg exploring Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Considering that the company has already spent $13 billion in your project metaverse, this is the only thing he has offered us. And it is that, the metaverse is not really about a simple social network with avatars like Horizon Worlds. But given the progress of this, we have to settle for this Mark Zuckerberg VR social network, which we hope will soon include graphic improvement.

Currently, this is the graphics of the “metaverse”

Selfie Mark Zuckerberg Horizon Worlds Meta

The famous selfie of Mark Zuckerberg with the Eiffel Tower will go down in history, yes, as a meme from Horizon Worlds. This social multiplayer universe that we can access with our VR glasses is reaching more and more countries. Originally launched in the United States and Canada, it has been expanding until it reached USA, a few days ago. Although at first glance it seems like an uninteresting game, according to Meta, it reached 300,000 monthly users in february 2022.

This represents an incredible increase in 10 times more players of the ones I had in december 2021. Also, over 10,000 worlds had been created in this VR social network, stating that it managed to be quite successful. Of course, this data has not been updated since February, despite the fact that it is currently available in many more countries.

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