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Horseman and Mirage take high priority in the metagame

The Draconic Lands continue their course. Every two weeks we find new patches that allow you to play different compositions. The metagame of Teamfight Tactics is constantly evolving and from Riot Games they have managed to make players agree with the car battler. So that you continue enjoying the title, from time to time we bring you new TFT guides with compositions that enter the meta for you to try them in your game and, why not, upload rating.

From ESPM News we have presented various guides for you to play every day. Some have two of the most important dragons in the game as protagonists, such as Ao Shin either Aurelion Sol. We have also presented more compositions standard and some of slow roll. And this time we show you a new TFT guide in which the trait Horseman and Mirage have managed to take priority in patch 12.15.

Guide Set 7 TFT: This is the composition of Horseman and Mirage

For this composition we will follow a standard strategy, so we should not seek Level 8 quickly or make a lot of economy to play slow roll. What we must bear in mind is that we will seek to have a composition with 6 Mirage and 4 Horseman that will make us get many resistances. However, we must attend to wow that the Mirage will give us, since not all of them are valid for all games.

This time we will have Daeja as champion carrywhile Nunu It will be our tank. The idea is to have Sejuani, Nunu, lilly Y Hecarim on the front lane with the idea of ​​protecting a Daeja that will do the maximum damage of this composition.

Image source: tftactics
  • Initial composition: Aatrox, Shen, Yone, Nunu and Olaf.
  • final composition: Sejuani, Lillia, Yone, Nunu, Hecarim, Daeja and Yasuo.
  • favored items: Nunu –> Warmog’s Armor, Gargoyle’s Stone Protector, and Sunfire Cloak; Daeja –> Guinsoo’s Furyblade, Sash and Giant Slayer.

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