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Hot Wheels Unleashed reveal hyper cars in its trailer

Hot Wheels

The game features popular collectible vehicles such as Back to the Future Party Wagons, Snoopy, KITT and DeLorean.
At Hot Wheels Unleashed, Mattel and Milestone showcased the most unique and exciting cars of the week. early autumn

The game includes a total of 66 vehicles, including some of the most famous original designs in Hot Wheels’ 53-year history, as well as other vehicles that have become popular culture icons such as the Ninja Turtles Party Wagon and Snoopy. In the Peanuts and Kit NBC Fantastic Car series, DMC DeLorean served as a time machine in films from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment. Below is a trailer showing some of these cars.

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There are classic models like the Ford Deus 1932 and Dodge Charger 1969, as well as interesting modern and legendary sports cars like the Audi R8 Spider and Honda S2000, as well as cars from famous brands like Audi, Honda and Ford. The future is like Koenigsegg Jesco.
Hot Wheels Unleashed is coming in September 30, 2021.
Hot Wheels Unleashed allows players to upgrade their cars with a unique system to collect, disassemble and upgrade cars. Some of these upgrades are hidden and can only be unlocked in different ways for each vehicle. Hot Wheels Unleashed will be released on September 30 for PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), and other gaming consoles like PS 5, Xbox, Nitendo etc.

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