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Housing in MMORPGs: Which game is the best to live in?

Housing has now become an important feature in .s. Which game do you think best implements it? Let’s rank together.


Almost every . that is newly announced or comes onto the market has its own housing feature in addition to all the raids, dungeons, world bosses, PvP and other battle content.

Because even the toughest warriors, mages, assassins, thieves and priestesses need a break after long days spent on battlefields or in dungeons. Housing offers players a type of content that is relaxing.

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The housing is implemented in different .s in different ways:

  • As a separate zone with districts and a neighborhood
  • As an island on which you can build several buildings
  • As standalone buildings in cities that can be purchased directly
  • As plots of land that can be bought and freely built upon

Players often use this type of content to express themselves creatively or to flex with their awesome building and desEsports Extrasskills. The possibilities of the various .s offer everything from modern apartments, to Asian and oriental settings, to classic medieval castles.

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Which game offers the best housing and the coolest desEsports Extrasoptions?


How to vote: Check out our poll tool below for some of the biggest and most popular .s that offer housing to their players. Each of you only has one vote, so you can only choose one . with the really best housing. The choice cannot be undone.

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Tell me: Which . do you think has the best housing system? What features make it special and better than other games? Where is there room for improvement to make it even cooler? Tell us in the comments.

You are also welcome to post pictures of your own houses in the respective games. This can be done by uploading to sites like The posted links are then released by us.

Have fun voting!