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How can I know all my stats in VALORANT?


How can I know all my stats in VALORANT?

VALORANT is a unique competitive game. Each game is a world and what we can do great in one can go very wrong in another. As players, we are always interested in how we have performed in recent games. It is because of that we need to find all the statistics that will allow us to analyze our evolution in VALORANT.

Yes, it is true that at the end of a match we can see our game statistics. But far from that, no there is much more data that we can get from VALORANT. Thus, different portals have been born that will allow us to know our level in the video game and thus know what we must improve.

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Our stats in VALORANT

From the victory percentages with each agent to our performance shooting and killing our enemies. We can know everything about our games, which will give us enough information to know what we need to improve and how we can do it. It will not be easy, but it is clear that with all the statistics it will be much easier.

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As in League of Legends, there are many portals that will allow us to know all these details. Among them we have some like, Tab Stats either In all of them we will have our updated data, from our rating to the rest of our account statistics. In all of them we will have to log in with our Riot ID.

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Once we provide the requested information, the website in question will connect to the Riot API, providing all the account data that we can later review. Of course, we can also check our rivals to know what we are up against. Although they are known portals, surely there are players who are not yet aware of them and, therefore, do not know all the statistics that their account has.

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