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How can you request a refund for a VALORANT item?

Although not specifically stated, VALORANT, like League of Legendsallows us to return certain items that we have purchased. Sometimes we get some skins of which we may regret. For this reason, Riot Games allows us to return them and receive VALORANT Points back that we have spent on it.


However, from Riot Games they indicate us the steps that we must follow to achieve return these items. Of course, there are also a number of caveats that we must take into account. And it is that we will not be able to return all the skins or objects that we have acquired. Below we explain step by step what you must do to return them and claim your VP.

In case you want a refund of the unused PV, we will have to send a direct request to Riot Games. Cash Refunds will be available for 14 days after the transaction. All this taking into account that we have not spent any of them. On the other hand, we will be able to receive refunds on weapon skinsalthough they will have to be base level weapon skins, unused and, of course, purchased within the last 14 days.


What can’t we get a refund for in VALORANT?

On the other hand, Riot Games has also provided different details that we must follow to return the items. And there are times when we will not be able to request that refund. Here are those cases:

  • weapon skins that have already been used.
  • weapon skins that have been improved.
  • all the contents that we have used
  • Agent contract levels.
  • Weapon Skin Tiers.
  • All the weapon skin packs.
  • The premium battle passes.
  • The premium battle pass tiers.
  • Radianite Points.

Take all these details into account when wanting to claim a refund in the shooter from Riot Games.

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