How do wild Pokemon evolve?

how do wild pokemon evolve?

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How do wild Pokemon evolve?

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The Serie Pokemon it is full of fantastic creatures of all sizes and affinities.

These monsters are born with certain typical traits like base stats that make them fighter, defender, or support depending on the situation. And it is thanks to combat that they can evolve receiving new statistics and in some cases new types, movements or abilities.

But if training hard alongside the coaches is necessary to evolve, how can we find Pokemon wildly evolved? Below we will explore some possible answers.

How do the Pokemon wild?

At the beginning of the games we usually meet Pokemon in their base forms, as weak as they can be. This tells us two things: the Pokemon initials are young or not very confrontational.

We can rule out the second taking into account that they will attack us as soon as they have the opportunity. This also happens in the anime, where Ash and his friends have been attacked by all kinds of creatures. It makes sense then that some Pokemon also fight each other, gaining the necessary experience to evolve.

We have witnessed this multiple times throughout the series. Some Pokemon from certain areas they even organize fighting rituals among themselves to gain experience and help each other evolve. This means that there is not always a need for a coach to guide the Pokemonsince they can coordinate with each other.

That being said, it is also clear that having a coach is the best way for a Pokemon become strong, and therefore evolve. Without proper guidance, we have seen some monsters grow old without ever having evolved. So that only the Pokemon more determined and who enjoy the fight end up doing it alone.

There are also coaches who let their Pokemon evolved, as happened with Ash’s Pidgeot. This could also explain why some difficult evolutions are found in the wild.

What about special evolutions?

Some Pokemon it takes more than effort and experience to level up. These can require some pretty specific conditions, like being exposed to rare ores or leveling up at a specific time.

Evolutions that require some level of friendship are possible in the wild, as happened to Ash’s Pikachu when it was a Pichu raised by wild Kangaskhans. Therefore, love and friendship between Pokemon it also counts for evolution.

Those who need to be exposed to stones or be in specific places can also evolve by chance, or on purpose. They just need to be in the right place at the right time.

Other more specific conditions would not be impossible in nature either. For example, Galarian Yamask needs to take at least 49 HP damage in one attack and pass under the rock formation in Dusty Hollow in Pokemon Sword and shield.

There is no reason why a Pokemon wild could not do something similar and evolve.

That Pokemon evolved we shouldn’t see in the wild?

there is a kind of Pokemon that should not appear in the wild, and are the ones that need a trainer to evolve.

For example, some Pokemon they can only evolve through transfers. For this they need not only to be captured by a coach, but also received by another in the transfer. This is some that Pokemon they cannot do by themselves.

However, some chapters of the anime revealed that certain exceptions may exist. For example, a Slowpoke evolved into a Slowking by touching a Pride Rock without requiring the trade.

This could explain how we see wild Slowking or Milotic, both of which would evolve just with the item without transfers out of games. The rest of Pokemon that need trainers to evolve may have been abandoned by their owners or may even have escaped to return to the wild.

Let’s remember that there is still a lot we don’t know about the series Pokemonand with each new generation more concepts are added that give us more clues about this fun world full of monsters.


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