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How do you play pokemon sleep?

how do you play pokemon sleep?

The Pokemon Company International announced that Android users can now pre-register for Pokemon Sleep on Google Play. This sleep tracking app developed by Select Button (Magikarp Jump), will make players really want to wake up in the morning and discover the surprises.

The latest trailer with all the news is also now available.


how to play Pokemon Sleep

to play Pokemon Sleep, players must place their mobile device or their Pokemon GO Plus + near the pillow before going to sleep. When they wake up, they can check the results of the sleep session, study the sleeping positions of the Pokemon that appeared, and work with the expert Professor Neroli to record them in the DormiDex. The longer they sleep, the bigger and stronger Snorlax becomes, and the more Pokemon appear alongside him, allowing players to discover new poses. During the day, they will also be able to take care of Snorlax.

The three types of sleep

In Pokemon Sleep, sleep can be of three types: light, medium and deep. Pokemon that have a similar sleeping pattern to the players will come to sleep next to Snorlax. Once they study their poses, players will be able to give the Pokemon cookies. In this way, they will strengthen ties and will be able to count on them as helpers.

How Pokemon Sleep Plays

Snorlax’s Zzz Power

In Pokemon Sleep, players will receive a score based on how long they slept. Those who sleep at least eight and a half hours will get 100 points. The longer he sleeps, the higher Snorlax’s Zzz Power will be, which, in turn, will determine how many Pokemon will come to sleep next to him.

During the day, the Helper Pokemon gather berries to feed Snorlax. They can also activate useful skills to take care of him. They will even be able to pick berries when the game is not in progress. Pokemon Sleep.


New research available every Monday

Every Monday, players will travel to a different area and find a new Snorlax to raise. This will start a new week of sleep study. In each zone, different Pokemon are usually found. And, during the weekend, a greater number of Pokemon and even some rare species could appear.

Sharing information with friends in the study group

Players can add friends with whom they can share information about their dream type and duration, as well as other details like the number of poses they’ve discovered and the Pokemon that are part of their team of helpers. They can also get rewards for checking their friends’ reports.

The Pokemon GO Plus + accessory

How Pokemon Sleep Plays

Inside Pokemon GO Plus+ is a Pikachu wearing a nightcap that players will be able to meet if they link the accessory with Pokemon Sleep.

Normally, teams of up to five Helper Pokemon can only be formed with the Pokemon that can be found in Pokemon Sleepbut this adorable Pikachu will be able to become the sixth member of your party.


If players link their Pokemon GO Plus + with Pokemon GO and spin Pokéstops, this will be recorded on the device and you will receive berries when you connect it with Pokemon Sleep.

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