How exactly does planetary exploration work in Starfield and intersystem travel?

how exactly does planetary exploration work in starfield and intersystem

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How exactly does planetary exploration work in Starfield and intersystem travel?

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Starfield is about to reach the Xbox Series X / S consoles and our computers, allowing us to enjoy very soon a Esports Extrasntic space opera that Bethesda has created for gamers.

One of the most important mechanics of Starfield is the explorationsince it is not in vain that there is a whole universe to discover and, in fact, our role in the adventure is that of a constellation member space explorera group that wants to discover the secrets that are still hidden throughout the universe.

During the next few lines we are going to show you how exploration works in Starfield so that you know what you can expect and what not from the new Bethesda video game, which we have already analyzed in depth.

How does space exploration work in Starfield?

The space exploration in Starfield it works quite simply actually since most of the actions we will perform using our star map in which we will select the planet, moon, star or satellite to which we want to set course, which will give way to a small loading kinematics before appearing in the orbit of the point we have selected.

once we are there we can explore with the ship part of the orbit of, for example, a planetfinding merchants, pirates, abandoned stations, space junk or absolutely nothing, being able to pilot the ship with relative freedom.

Those, what we cannot do is go from one planet to another piloting our ship manuallybut to go from one planet to another we will need to use the space map again following the procedure that we have taught you previously.

In addition, if we want to travel from one system to another we can also do it using the gravitational jump of our ship. The more distance there is between the systems, we’ll need a ship with a more powerful engine. For the rest the mechanics is the same as with the exploration within a system, we select on the map where we want to go, press a button and start the jump.

This is how exploration works on the planets of Starfield

For the planetary exploration the principle is very similar to that of the space but with certain nuances. From the ship or from the map itself we will decide the point of the planet where we want to land. We can choose any point on the planet where there is solid land and, once chosen, we will start the landing, which is done automatically.

Once we have landed we can explore a large area of ​​the planet around the ship. If we stray too far (11 minutes running in the same direction according to our own test) appear an invisible wall They ask us to return to the ship and land in another place to continue exploring the planet. That is we can explore everything within 11 minutes running around from our ship but, if we want to go further, we will have to take off and land somewhere else.

This probably is due to a desEsports Extrasdecision that would allow the title to load the zones well without affecting performance, a decision that we know will be controversial. However, I know that the entire planet can be explored by taking small “hops” with the ship from zone to zone to register it completely.

On the other hand During the exploration on the planets we will be able to scan fauna, flora, materials, find abandoned buildingsextract resources, discover geographical accidents and who knows if at some point we will even see a character who can give us a mission to live a new adventure.

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