How Fortnite Destroyed Its Most Popular Mode

Tom Henry

How Fortnite Destroyed Its Most Popular Mode

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There are many modes in Fortnite, but one was particularly popular – group wedges. This chaotic yet fun mode has enchanted many players for a long time, but for some inexplicable reason it has been adjusted and given a bad light. We show you how Epic Games destroyed the mode.

How does group wedges work? Group Wedges is a separate mode just like the well-known Solo, Duo, Trio and Team modes. It has space for two teams, each with 16 players. The goal is to be the first team on the new map to reach 125 points. Depending on the number of players, the necessary points vary in order not to unnecessarily prolong the match.

Many players loved this mode because you couldn’t die all the time. After your death, you will be spawned again and can attack your opponents again.

Completing tasks and quests was also easy in Group Wedges, but Epic have made many changes that have made Group Wedges mode increasingly unpopular.

No changes were necessary

What changes have been made? When this mode was introduced in Chapter 1, many changes have spread through Chapter 3.

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Although many players have used group wedges to complete their quests, this has been changed in Chapter 2. At a turn start, you were given separate quests tailored for chaotic mode that offered you very little XP toward the Battle Pass.

Players couldn’t even complete their seasonal quests and had to switch to the familiar Solo, Duo, Trio, and Team modes to do so. This hit a sore spot for many. But not only that.

Where once huge buildings towered out of the sky through construction battles, this is no longer possible today. At the start of a round, not only do you have less time to loot different POIs, but you also have to immediately look out for where the storm eye is located.

Arriving at the storm eye, it does not stay in its place, but wanders across the entire map. So you have to be more mobile and agile. Crazy building in group wedges is no longer possible. The storm forces you to engage in long-distance combat in open spaces rather than wild gunfire in constructs with the pump.

Group Wedges mode has been a constant topic in the Fortnite community. Adjustments were made where none were necessary. Many players have complained about the changes, and yet Epic Games is constantly changing the mode.

Is Group Wedges still playable now? A lot has happened, but the original, wild character of the mode has disappeared.

Many players have turned away from the mode since the extreme gameplay changes. In the meantime, however, you will be thrown into a round with weapons. In addition, quests and tasks can also be completed this time. Even bounties can be accepted and done in group wedges.

You can see how Epic Games is rowing back and wants to restore the mode to its former glory, but whether the effort will be worth it remains to be seen.

What do you think of group wedges? Do you like the mode, with its new changes do you think nothing of it and stay away from the mode? Let us know in the comments!

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