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How good is a gaming headset for the PS5 that costs no more than 60 euros?

With the GXT 489 Forta, Trust offers an inconspicuous gaming headset for the PS5 for less than 60 euros. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann reveals who the headset is suitable for.

For many gamers, 100 euros is a magical limit when buying peripherals and accessories for PC and consoles. And with Logitech, Razer and SteelSeries, some manufacturers have already positioned themselves here.


With its GXT 489 Forta, the manufacturer Trust wants to appeal to players who do not want to spend more than 60 euros. The gaming headset from Trust for the PS5 wants to score above all with a simple desEsports Extrasand good sound. I will explain whether this works in the detailed test.

design Over Ear/Closed
connection type 3.5mm jack cable to PC and PlayStation
frequencies 20Hz to 20,000Hz
compatibility PC, PS4, PS5
Weight 244 grams
scope of delivery Headset, 3.5mm jack cable (1.2m), microphone, pop protection filter
Price (RRP) 59.99 euros

desEsports Extrasand construction

What’s included? The gaming headset comes with a 3.5mm jack cable (1.2m), an attachable microphone and a pop protection filter. A user manual is also included.

Trust GXT 489 Forta Gaming Headset Package Contents

Structure of the headset: You can get the Trust device in either black or white. Neither the Trust logo on the head pad nor the PlayStation logo are illuminated. This makes the headset much more inconspicuous than the competition, some of which are brightly colored.

The manufacturer relies on imitation leather cushions for the ear cups. All parts such as microphone and cable can be removed and stowed away separately. A mute button and volume control are located on the left earcup.

On the console you have to connect the headset to your DualSense controller. You can also use a USB sound card on the PC. However, a Y-splitter for microphone and sound is not included.


Trust relies on a plastic body without metal for the headset. Overall, the headset looks well made, with no obvious weaknesses in the workmanship. Other headsets in the same price range, such as the EKSA 900 Pro, also rely on similar workmanship. Due to its relatively small size, the headset also appears very robust.


The volume knob feels a little cheap and turns too easily overall. The jack cable can be removed and easily replaced with another cable. In the event of a cable break, the cable can therefore be quickly replaced.

Trust GXT 489 Forta gaming headset closeup
The PlayStation logo is large on the ear cup, otherwise the desEsports Extrasis simple and reserved.


The headset can be easily connected to either the PS4, the PS5 or the PC using the jack cable supplied. There is no software for either the PlayStation or the Windows PC. So you have to be satisfied with the default sound. Trust does not offer drivers or other software for the headset.

On the next page you can read everything about the comfort, the sound and the microphone. In the final conclusion, I will explain to you for whom the headset could be worthwhile.