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How good is a robot vacuum with 1,200 reviews and 4.5 stars on Amazon? The Yeedi Vac Max

The Yeedi Vac Max is one of the top rated robot vacuums on Amazon. With more than 1200 ratings, the product achieves a strong 4.5 out of 5 stars. Our expert Patrick Freese tested the part for you. Is it really that good?

Who tested? I’m Patrick, an expert for online games like GTA or Diablo and also for vacuum cleaning robots here at MeinMMO. In the last 5 years I have used about 10 different models in long-term and short-term tests. With purchase prices from €250 to €900.

So I was able to get a good picture of the strengths and weaknesses of the automatic cleaning helpers in the various budget areas. I invest about 5 hours a week and rummage through test reports and videos on new and popular models.

What is this device? The Yeedi company has now given me the opportunity to test the Yeedi Vac Max including the suction station for you here on MeinMMO. My attention was drawn by the many good reviews and I’ll show you here in the test whether they are justified. At the time of testing, the Yeedi Vac Max had around 1,270 reviews on Amazon, giving it 4.5 stars out of 5.

What does the device offer?

The technical details in comparison:

suction power Max Runtime battery capacity map storage Price (MSRP on August 16th)
Eufy X8 Hybrid 2,000 Pa 180 mins 5,200mAh Yes €499.99
Roborock Q7 Max+ 4,200 Pa 180 mins 5,200mAh Yes €649.99 (with suction station)
Yeedi Vac Max 3,000 Pa 200 mins 5,200mAh Yes 499.99 € (with suction station)

App, suction and wipe test

How did I test? I’ve been using the vacuum cleaner in my apartment for over a month now. He vacuums all 5 rooms including the kitchen and bathroom almost every day. Wipe mode is used once a week. During that time I was able to test the functions of the Yeedi Vac Mac extensively and I will now describe the advantages and disadvantages.

The app: In the app you will find common functions that you will find in the vast majority of vacuum cleaning robots. The creation of rooms including naming, restricted zones, adjustment of the suction strength and the possibility to change the maps after creation.

I really like that the Yeedi can not only create “Don’t vacuum here” zones, but also “Don’t wipe here” zones. Only a few models offer such a function and that is a huge advantage. So you don’t have to pay attention to the carpets when wiping. Occasionally carpets are detected late, causing the beginning of a carpet to come in contact with the wet microfiber cloth.

Another special feature is that you can specify the order in which the individual rooms should be cleaned. If you are really “smart” at home, you can also connect the app to Google Home or Alexa.

The sucking: It should be emphasized that in this test I was able to test the Yeedi Vac Max with a suction station. The station does a good job and empties the vacuum’s dust container well. But here too there are problems with animal hair, which I noticed when I tested the Roborock Q7 Max+.

I pitted 4 robot vacuums against each other – what difference does the price make?

My dog ​​sheds a lot and in the dust container you will usually find a large tuft of fur in combination with dust. The suction station sometimes has a hard time and only gets the dust container emptied on the second or third attempt. This is annoying because the suction process is very loud and I have to check every time whether the container is empty. If the container remains full unnoticed, the robot vacuums less efficiently. Sometimes the station doesn’t even manage to suck the tuft of hair out of the container. Then I have to remove it from the device and empty it into the trash can myself.

The suction station reliably empties the dust container without animal hair.

On hard floors, the robot is very efficient and picks up dust and dog food crumbs and other debris well. I could find a little crumb left over here and there. But I didn’t have a perfect result with a single vacuum robot, so the Yeedi Vac Max is also at the forefront here.

Carpets are a different challenge, but it does well here too, vacuuming pet hair and chip crumbs from the fabric satisfactorily. The Yeedi pulled about 90% of my laid out cornflakes out of the carpet here. A strong result! Some cheap models that I tested were sometimes less than 50%.

The Yeedi has an automatic carpet recognition. The detection works fine for me. Every now and then it recognizes the carpet too late and only increases the suction power after a few seconds.

What is special about the Yeedi Vac Max is that it does not have a laser tower. With other robots, they are located on the device and use them to scan the rooms for obstacles and walls.

With a desEsports Extrasthat is about 2 cm flatter, the Yeedi can get under furniture better, but it also has to give up its orientation. He often uses the shock absorber and lightly rams obstacles to spot them and gauge their size. Unfortunately, he also gets lost every now and then and rarely has orientation problems.

*Affiliate links. We receive a small commission from Amazon if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support!

The wipe: First of all: No, vacuum cleaning robots with a wiping function do not replace wiping by hand.

They hardly exert any pressure and therefore only wipe superficially. To wipe, fill a container with water (and cleaning agent if necessary). The water is then transported via a pump to the cloth, which is attached to the suspension with Velcro at the bottom.

I particularly like the fact that the rag is flexibly suspended and can therefore continue wiping in the event of bumps. On other models, the flaps are rigidly attached – if the robot then stands at an angle, the flap may briefly hang in the air.

The function is quite okay for damp wiping. And it does that with better features than the Eufy X8 I tested here.


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