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How good was the MMORPG Runes of Magic in 2009?

Runes Of Magic is a . from 2009 that was very popular at the time. But how good was it really back then? We at MeinMMO look back.


What kind of game is this? Runes of Magic is a free to play . from Taiwan developed by Runewalker Entertainment. It is published by Gameforge, which is also known for other .s such as Metin2 and Aion.

You choose a race and a class, after which you come to the corresponding starting area and enter the fantasy world of Taborea. The story revolves around gods bringing the land to life and seeking a mystical legacy from the past. You as a hero should support them in this.


You focus on leveling up and improving your character. The max level at the start was 55, now it’s 100.

Runes of Magic features:

  • Dungeons and bosses in the open world
  • Raids for up to 36 players
  • Housing
  • crafting
  • Mounts, but only with a higher level, initially you have to walk
  • PvP with different modes

Free World of Warcraft clone

When Runes of Magic appeared in 2009, it was initially criticized: It looks like World of Warcraft – the developers are accused of copying the .. Not only the graphics, but also the fights and the user interface are similar to the WoW of that time.

However, this was the perfect solution for players who could not afford the subscription in WoW. That’s why so many got into Runes of Magic back then. “If you’re looking for a WoW clone, this is your game,” says Youtuber MMOHuts in a 2010 video.

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The new expansion Dragonflight recently started in WoW:

We were in the midst of the chaos that is the release of WoW Dragonflight: “I can’t accept anything here”

Combinable classes

In character creation, you choose your race and your class, although this is not your only one. You can then use sliders to choose from different faces and hairstyles, adjust hair color, and even adjust different body regions. Characters can vary greatly in height and width.

The class system of Runes of Magic was a peculiarity back then. You leveled 2 classes at the same time – eg warrior and priest. Today there are even 3. So you can switch between the classes and their talents. Thus, as a warrior-priest, you are a paladin. It is now even more complex due to the 3rd grade, but it was interesting in 2009.


It offered a lot more variation than other .s at the time. Classless systems weren’t as common back then as they are in modern MMOs.

Very, very many quests

Runes of Magic overwhelms you with quests, which seems overwhelming at first. You get quest after quest even before you kill your first monsters. This can quickly become confusing for some players. However, once you have understood them, they will also guide you through the . and offer assistance.

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The quests themselves then let you walk from A to B and feel grindy, since you have to search and kill 25 wolves, for example. So rather repetitive than individual and exciting. The Youtuber TheLazyPeon tested Runes of Magic last year from today’s point of view and gave up after 40 minutes with the words “This takes my willpower out of me”. The quests were too monotonous for him.

This is what Runes of Magic looked like in 2010. Source: Youtube/MMOHuts

A big problem was and is the space in the inventory – it’s far from enough to take everything you get from completing quests. Both in the past and today, your pocket is simply not enough.

Strong Pay2Win aspects

Youtuber Pwnance tested Runes of Magic last year and titled it “Credit Cards of Magic” in its conclusion. The .’s cash shop offers many opportunities to improve your character for real money and later in the game it becomes more and more important to keep up with others. For example, there are jewels that will either improve your item or fail and degrade it.

If you die, you lose experience. That’s why you can buy items that prevent this. There are also very strong runes and other items that are difficult or impossible to farm ingame.


The problem with the inventory slots can also be solved by investing real money. That’s why it’s probably never been improved for Free2Play players, even if everyone complains about it.

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In order to always be best equipped for the corresponding level, you can buy the equipment directly in the cash shop. Every few levels there is something new.

Youtuber Josh Strife Hayers talks about players he’s met on Discord in a video. They said they spent over $10,000 on Runes of Magic and still don’t have the best gear possible.


Does the game still exist today? You can play Runes of Magic today – even on Steam. However, it is already offline in its home country of Taiwan and will probably die in Europe at some point as well, since the number of players is very small.

According to SteamDB, at the peak of the last 24 hours, 212 players were online in Runes of Magic at the same time. Then a few more with your own client. Everyone should ask themselves the question of whether it is still worth it today. At least for the nostalgia aspect, you should check back in before it’s too late.


Did you play Runes of Magic back then, or maybe even still play it today? Which classes did you choose? Was it a good alternative to WoW? Write it to us in the comments here on MeinMMO!