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How long do you have to play Baldur’s Gate III before you get laid?

how long do you have to play baldur's gate iii

Much has been made of the romantic choices in the latest installment of Larian Studios’ acclaimed RPG series, and naturally gamers have been trying to get to the sexual intercourse as soon as possible.

Currently, the record is seven minutes and 54 seconds of game. The player who has achieved it is called “Esports Extraschad Thundercock” and you can see his record in video below.


“Have you ever wondered how long it takes to skip all the boring parts of Baldur’s Gate 3 and get straight to the most interesting stuff? With Esports Extraschad’s Thunderleap Speedrun technique, Lae’zel will be in your bed in 8 minutes. Memes aside, thanks to MagsIsAwkward at for bringing this category to my attention. It’s been a blast to beat and I hope others can drop the time further.”