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How long does Hogwarts Legacy last? This is the duration of the story and to do 100%

Hogwarts Legacythe action RPG for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S set in the universe of Harry Potter, arrives in stores in USA and the rest of the world on February 10, although the Deluxe Edition allows you to play from Tuesday, February 7. The open world adventure developed by Avalanche follows the mold of games of the genre such as Assassin’s Creed modern and the saga Horizon. This implies that the duration will depend a lot on each playerif you focus on the main story or if you want to do all the secondary content.

The campaEsports Extrascan be completed in about 20 hours (To us, specifically, it has lasted 21 hours). But that number does not include only the main missions. This is because, as usual in games of this type, progress in the story is slowed down for mandatory tasks, such as learning spells by doing tasks for teachers and reaching a certain level in order to access the next main quest.


Those 20 hours can be multiply to more than double, around 50 hours, if all optional content is made. On one side are the friendship missions, focused on the relationship with specific students of Hogwarts and that are at the level of the best main missions. Then there are a lot of side missions which we can obtain by talking with students and teachers from Hogwarts, and the inhabitants of Hogsmeade and other towns that fill the huge map of the Scottish Highlands where the adventure takes place.

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But to those secondary missions you have to add many more things. The map is full of activities: Trials of Merlin (a kind of environment puzzle), wells of ancient magic, enemy camps, treasure caves, broomstick speed trials, small dungeons and much more. Not to mention the many puzzles and secrets at Hogwarts. In addition, it is the field guidean encyclopedia that is completed as we discover pages in the environments.

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The game fans have been waiting for Harry Potter

“This is the game that many fans of the Harry Potter universe have been waiting for a lifetime. For just as many players, being another open world action RPG made with a mold and with a structure that is beginning to tire and whose defects are well known”, we say in our analysis. “But what separates Hogwarts Legacy of others of its kind is to be Hogwarts Legacy: the impressive recreation of the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and all the world that surrounds it. Wander through the lines we read. Going into the rooms we couldn’t see in the cinema seat.”