How long exactly is Spider-Man 2? This is how long it takes to complete 100% and with Platinum

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how long exactly is spider man 2? this is how long

There is very little left for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 arrives on PS5, but before its premiere on October 20, today the first reviews and analysis of the new installment of this Spider-Man saga have begun to be published.

In Vandal We have already been able to play thoroughly Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to tell you in our analysis (without spoilers) which is “an adventure with capital letters that boasts a fantastic storycharacters that you fall in love with, a movement system that knows no rival, a fast-paced pace, some fun fightssome bosses who leave you speechless, some set pieces incredible and an impeccable audiovisual section”.

How long is Spider-Man 2?

In addition to talking about what you can expect from the game, in the analysis of Spider-Man 2 We also dedicate a section to your duration, since it is one of the points that usually generates the most doubts in these large projects. Specifically, the new thing from Insomniac Games has lasted us a total of 23 hours to achieve 100%, and a couple more hours to get the Platinum trophy. The main story is somewhat shorter, since we reached the end at 7 p.m. with 75% of the game completed.

This range is similar to the one marked by those responsible for the game relatively recently, when they assured that Spider-Man 2 will have a duration very similar to that of the first installment: “We don’t want it to be an 80-100 hour game (…) We want each mission to be really memorable. That’s our goal, instead of going super, super broad,” he explained. Ryan Smith, Senior Director, Insomniac Games.

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