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How long is Star Wars Jedi: Survivor?

how long is star wars jedi: survivor?

Star Wars Jedi: Survivorthe direct sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, will be available on Friday, April 28 for the latest generation consoles: PS5, Xbox Series and PC. In vandal We have been able to play it from cover to cover, so in this article we solve one of the main questions that one asks before starting a video game: “How long?”

The new adventure of Cal Kestis lasts about the same as above. Completing the main story by getting to the point should take you between 15 or 18 hoursAlthough the number will vary depending on the difficulty chosen (there are four levels) and the skill at the controls of each one. However, the number is multiplied if it is intended 100% done: can take up to 35-40 hours.


An adventure with a lot of secondary content

This is because there is a lot of optional content. At first, as Cal Kestis is gaining powers, he becomes motivates to return to already visited scenarios because these skills allow you to reach paths that were previously impossible to reach, and therefore, to secrets and challenges.


In addition, there is two planets that have an open world structure similar to what happens in God of War: Ragnarok or, to a lesser extent, Resident Evil 4 Remake. The story only forces you to go through them in passing, but if you explore them you can find challenges and secrets such as groups of enemies, puzzles, bosses and minibosses, side quests and even completely new areas.


To all this we must add many other activities: hunting down bounty hunters, facing legendary beasts, overcoming combat and skill tests, visit shrines with puzzlesfind a traveling fisherman, get seeds, recruit staff for our own canteenand participate in the mini-games that those individuals unlock.

Our analysis of Jedi: Survivor

In his analysis, Carlos Leiva describes the title as “a hilarious adventure” in which exploration, level design, puzzles, platform and how worked the secondary content is. However, there are some negative points, such as “some combats that don’t quite stand out, some animations that could be greatly improved, a tremendously irregular performance and a story that does not go back to the end.”