How long is Starfield? Pete Hines is over 150 hours in and he’s ‘not even close’ to seeing it all

how long is starfield? pete hines is over 150 hours

Tom Henry

How long is Starfield? Pete Hines is over 150 hours in and he’s ‘not even close’ to seeing it all

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There is no doubt that Starfield, Bethesda’s new role-playing game, is one of their most ambitious projects to date. The development of this title has lasted more than eight years and that seems to be noticeable at the content level: according to Pete Hines, Vice President of the company’s global marketing and communications division, assures that it has already a good handful of hours and that there is still much to see.

As Hines himself explained at Gamescom 2023, It has already been played for around 150-160 hours to Starfield. However, that doesn’t seem like enough time to consider that the game has already given him all it can offer: “To be honest, there isn’t an amount of time that I feel comfortable saying something like ‘now I’ve played so much Starfield enough to figure out what kind of game it is.'”

“I can’t believe how big it is”

In fact, Petes Hines has insisted that “wasn’t even close” to see or do everything Starfield has within it: “There are so many things that I have intentionally not done … We try to tell everyone how great this game is, and the people who play it, one of the few things they say to us is: ‘Yeah, you weren’t there. joking’. I can’t believe how big it is“, he assures.

In vandal We are also playing it to bring you its analysis on August 31. While you can read what he seemed to us his first minutes after having seen Starfield in a presentation during Gamescom 2023: “After seeing this start, these first few minutes that work as a tutorial and they barely allow a glimpse of the totality of the experienceone thing is clear to us: Bethesda Game Studios continues to have the luxury of surprising and exciting with the beginnings of their adventures”, we tell you in our impressions.

Starfield arrive on September 6 on Xbox Series X / S and PC. Be available at launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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