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How much do you think your Nintendo consoles or other brands are worth?

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You want to update your console and buy a Nintendo Switch Oled, or you want to leave Nintendo and aspire to buy an Xbox Series X, PS5 or PS4 at a good price. There is a problem: you don’t have enough money, so you were thinking of selling your second-hand consoles and games, but you have no idea how much you can sell them for.

Eneba has shared with us the average price for all Nintendo consoles so that you can sell your things much faster and also earn good money.

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At what price are second-hand consoles sold?

It is important to clarify that each user who sells their stuff on Eneba is free to choose the price at which to sell it, this will depend on how quickly you can sell your console. And without further delay, here you can find them all and at what average price they usually sell:

The latest Nintendo consoles

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retro nintendo consoles

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Did you know that you can also sell the oldest ones like the NES or Game Boy? There are several collectors, or users who have not been able to buy them at the time and who are eager to acquire some of them.

Now that you have all this information, did you expect these prices or did you imagine different ones? Are you ready to sell your consoles?

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Do you have any special edition?

You already know that rare or limited editions usually cost a little more than a standard edition console. Then you will be happy to know that if you have any special edition then you will receive more money if you sell it.

For example, Eneba recently sold a special edition Nintendo 64 Hey You, Pikachu! for just €700! Or you can also find a limited edition Resident Evil 4 GameCube, if you don’t know how much it can go for, you can go here to see. Are you sure you don’t have one of them hanging around the house?

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Other consoles you can find

Remember that in Eneba you will find more than Nintendo products. If you have a PS2 or PS3, Xbox 360, next-generation consoles like Xbox Series X, PS5, games and accessories, and more, you can easily sell it on Eneba. Here’s what the average price of consoles on other platforms has been sold for:

start selling today

You already have enough information so that you can create your first ad on Eneba, don’t even worry about selling it because you will sell it very quickly, more than 6 million users have already used the site, imagine the number of people who enter each day to buy on the site! place!

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Some benefits of selling in Eneba:

  • You earn €5 if it is your first sale
  • No commissionsyou put the price at which you want to sell it
  • Making the announcement will take only a few minutesor even less if you do it from the APP!
  • The seller you don’t have to pay for shippingyou only have to bring the product to the mail.
  • The money you earn can be transferred to a bank account, or used again in Eneba!
  • Don’t stay alone invite your friends and earn an extra €10 after that make your first ad.

Do you dare to sell? Create your ad right now from here!

Here you can see how SpineCard is selling its stuff through Eneba and how much it has raised so far:

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