How One Piece advanced Haki from the first chapter

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how one piece advanced haki from the first chapter

one piece It is one of the most important series in the anime and entertainment industry in general. Not only does it have the most chapters, but its stories have touched a huge number of fans who can’t wait to see how this adventure will end.

The series is more interesting than ever with the manga revelations, the leaked chapters, the collaboration with Mori Calliope and even the anime being broadcast in theaters.

But while more and more new concepts are being introduced to the series, we can see that Eiichiro Oda’s talent for connecting the present with past events is still intact.

As one piece advanced the Haki

The powers in one piece They have no limits, as the creator himself has stated. Basically anything can happen thanks to the *text muted* fruits and the unique properties of each island. But this is not necessarily healthy, as enemies with Logia Fruits like Kizaru, who is basically light, could become invincible.

For this reason, a power was created that counteracts so much madness: Haki. This form of energy has simpler and stricter rules, allowing anyone to hurt even fruit users. But Haki also has other uses, be it defensive, as a means of communication or even to predict the future.

But it’s a mistake to think that Haki was just invented at the last minute to counter the *text muted* Fruits. In fact, one piece he showed us from his first chapter that Oda was already devising a kind of energy that would be used for more than just fighting.

It’s about Haki, and from Shanks’ first appearance in the first chapter we can see how he uses it to save Luffy from a sea king.

When the creature appears fierce and menacing, all seems lost for Luffy and his pirate friend in the sea. But then Shanks, who has his hands full, manages to scare the ocean monster away with just one glare.

This was the first sample of the Conqueror’s Haki, an ability that only one person in a million can possess.

The Haki was revealed little by little

While one piece It has many scenes that seem “off the cuff”, the series also has excellent portions that have been planned for years and connect to the main story.

The Haki was introduced slowly, at first with no name at all like in the Shanks scene. However, later in the Skypiea arc we saw that it is also used, albeit under the name of “mantra”. This is essentially the same ability, just with a different name.

We can also notice some Haki in the first meeting between Luffy and his grandfather Garp. This one hits him quite hard that leaves him crying and complaining. The funny thing is that until then, Luffy was immune to blows because he was made of rubber. This was something his crew did not fail to point out, revealing that there was indeed a way to damage fruit users.

particularly the One Piece Conqueror Haki stood out much more when Shanks met Whitebeard. At that moment it seemed that her mere presence was too imposing for the weak pirates to bear. But Shanks revealed that he was giving off that aura on purpose, as he couldn’t afford to appear weak as one of the four emperors.

We were also impressed when Silvers Rayleigh used it in the Sabaody Archipelago to knock out nearly everyone at the auction. In this scene it was clear that Haki was a kind of power, beyond a “presence”.

It’s all confirmed in Amazon Lily when it’s finally explained just how rare Conqueror Haki is. Boa Hancock’s Warriors describe it as “the power to command others” as well as the will to conquer.

So Oda had already presented said power in one piece when Shanks tamed the beast from the sea with just his eyes. Although as we saw in one piece RED and in the recent chapters of the manga, this was a small portion of the true power of the red-haired pirate.

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