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How satisfied are you with MeinMMO? Your opinion is in demand

We at MeinMMO want to know your opinion about our site. That’s why we created this big survey and you are all cordially invited to participate.

That’s what this is about: Thousands of readers visit our site every day. There are old hands who have been with us since the beginning of the site, occasional readers who drop by every now and then, and completely new readers who find us for the first time.


Each of you has your own preferences, interests and things that move you and we at MeinMMO would like to learn more about them.

That’s why we now say: Hello everyone and welcome to our large user survey. This survey is all about MeinMMO:

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In this large survey you can therefore give us your opinion on various areas of MeinMMO, because you are our community and without you we would not exist.

Whether you’re one of our regular readers and the familiar faces we see in the comments every day, or you’re a completely new user who just stumbled onto our site. We want to know your different perspectives on MeinMMO, so shoot away!

This is the goal of the survey: One of our goals at MeinMMO is to offer you, our community, cool new content every day. We are therefore always looking for new exciting news and topics related to gaming.


This survey is designed to help us understand you better and improve your reading experience on MeinMMO. And for that we need your help. For example, your feedback can:

  • Focusing on new topics that we hadn’t considered before
  • Tell us which formats on MeinMMO you particularly like to read and which ones you don’t
  • Make sure that new features are implemented on MeinMMO that you really want, etc.

Above all, the written feedback is very valuable for us, because we can then directly understand what your motives and opinions are. Let us know what you think!

How can I participate? The tool we use for this survey is Google Forms. To access it, you first need a Google account. You’re already using one if you create a Gmail mailbox or have a YouTube account.

Log in with your Google account and you can start right away. Answer the questions and write your reasons and opinion.


Why can’t I comment? Comments will remain closed under this article. We want to collect your feedback directly in the survey, which is why you get the opportunity to write a comment at the end.

If you have problems or questions, post them in the feedback channel in our MeinMMO discord.

Please write your thoughts and wishes directly in Google Forms.


Have fun filling it out!