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how strong is Stussy?

The power of this character can still be higher.

One Piece: how strong is Stussy?
Stussy was a CP0 agent in One Piece.

Today we are used to seeing all kinds of characters in One Piece with abysmal powers, thus giving rise to which we can compare some or even speculate about their combat capabilities according to the legends behind them, the latter being the case that we have been able to see with Monkey D. Garp and his power levels.


Now, in this case it’s time to talk about a character who is having much relevance in the manga, since even the hidden powers that it has have been revealed. We are talking about Stussy, a character who is a member of Cipher Pol and whom we have known since the Whole Cake Island arc in One Piece, while in said arc she posed as the Queen of the Pleasure District to hide her true identity and her affiliation to the CP0.

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Stussy has been revealed as the mysterious ally of Doctor Vegapunk

Be that as it may, the Egghead Island arc has brought Stussy back to the headlines, thereby giving rise to a glimpse into his past that could explain the connection between Whitebeard and Weevil. However, what is most important is that has shown us the true power of Stussybeing much stronger than fans imagined.


Be that as it may, all this has been seen because this character ended up betraying his companions by order of Doctor Vegapunk, revealing himself as an ally of the scientist, thus confirming that Stussy was the first successful human clone, being treated as a person by her creator in front of others who rejected her. In fact, it has been confirmed that Stussy is a clone of Miss Buckingham from the Rock Pirates..

Now, what’s interesting here is that we’ve already been able to see Stussy in action, leading to Oda revealing some of his powers, starting with a lipstick that she wears like a sea stonewhich allows him to greatly weaken any *text muted* Fruit user, giving rise to his being able to defeat Rob Lucci with a simple touch.

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Stussy could be a user of a *text muted* fruit that turns her into a vampire

Stussy, One Piece character

Stussy was a CP0 agent in One Piece.

Now, Stussy’s abilities are not limited only to this object, since he also masters the arts of rokushiki as could be seen in some past appearances, which makes her a Haki user and a fighter to take into account. She likewise, she was able to defeat Kaku by biting him in the neck, at which point he came out black wings and fangswhich suggests that Stussy is a user of a *text muted* fruit that turns her into a vampirealthough the strange thing about this is that Patrick Redfield is already the user of one like this, thus colliding with Oda’s habit of not repeating powers.

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With all that said, you can see the Stussy’s huge potential, which it seems that we will begin to see from now on, although for this they must first end the conflict that is happening on Egghead Island at the moment. Also, the rationale for repeating powers may not fully apply, since Patrick Redfield is, after all, a character unique to video games.

For the rest, we will be waiting to see how the potential of Stussy is unleashedin the same way that we will have to see how CP0 takes the betrayal of what until recently was his ally in the same way that we will have to see what the reaction of the Straw Hats is with this unexpected ally.

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