How This Fast Scarlet And Purple Pokemon Can Ignore Trick Space

how this fast scarlet and purple pokemon can ignore trick

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How This Fast Scarlet And Purple Pokemon Can Ignore Trick Space

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In Pokemon Scarlet and Purple we tend to see that a lot of importance is placed on Speed.

Competitive in particular has seen a lot of changes, especially with the recent Pokemon HOME changes. This has caused many players to question Fluttermane’s staying on top, despite all the Pokemon yet to come.

But faster Pokemon may still be around for a long time, especially those that overcome certain conditions.

Why is speed important in Pokemon?

Especially in the competitive the fastest Pokemon of Scarlet and Purple They usually attack first.

Depending on the strength of the attack and the types of both Pokemon, this first move can be enough to inflict a significant effect or even just take out the opponents outright.

Is by this reason that some pokemon that already come with high Speed ​​stats are popular in competitive, as the powerful Fluttermane and ferrousac. Combined with moves like Tailwind and Ice Wind, they become so fast that they’re really hard to evade or counter.

However, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple have a solution to give those monsters that weren’t blessed with Speed ​​as babies an advantage. It is about Rare Space, a movement that for 5 turns makes the slowest Pokemon attack first.

This means that even Pokemon like Torkoal they can have a space in the competitive, while the fastest ones are seriously affected. Or at least that’s what we thought until recently.

This Scarlet and Purple Pokemon is Fast Even in Rare Space

One of the Scarlet and Purple Fastest Pokemon it’s definitely Ferrosac, and recently surprised us by resisting Trick Room.

A player shared a video on Reddit showing us an opposing Ferrosac being faster than Armarouge and Torkoal inside Weird Space, which shouldn’t be happening. At least not for the next five turns.

Ran into an Iron Bundle so fast that it was outspeeding Trick Room lmao
by u/kanyepokemon in stunfisk

But it is not a bug, but the way the movement works. One player explained that it’s because “the speed required is actually 1,809 because Rare Space doesn’t reverse the turn order like you’d think, but subtracts each Pokemon’s speed from 10,000 and then subtracts that number from 8,192 if the number from the first calculation is greater than 8.191”.

It basically refers to the change made in Generation 5, where Pokemon with Speed ​​1809 or higher will still attack before Pokemon with less than 1809 Speed. In fact, Pokemon with stats closest to 1809 in decimals without going below this number will attack first in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple.

In the shared on Reddit we see that the Ferrosac had a +4 increase in Speed, in addition to the speed of its Quark Charge ability. Probably coupled with a nature that benefits speed and Effort Points, Ferrosaco will have surpassed the 1,809 points required to move.

So this level 99 Torkoal (to attack first than other level 100 Torkoals) was too slow and Ferrosac too fast, even in Trick Room. This is an effect that a few other Pokemon can achieve, such as Floatzel or Regieleki.

The latter is in fact the fastest of pokemon scarlet and purple and of the entire franchise, to the point of having been banned in the competitive.

Despite this, the strategy required to overcome Tricky Space conditions is quite difficult to replicate, so you don’t need to worry about finding it frequently.

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