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How to avoid server queues and waits in Lost Ark: tips to enter the fashionable MMORPG earlier

The wait. Adult life is waiting; wait for an order; wait in line at the bank… But once we turn on our computer, the last thing we want is that, wait . However, when a new . comes out or one is updated with certain years behind it -the recent case of Final Fantasy XIV with Endwalker-, we always run into the same problem: the endless waiting to enter a server.

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This is almost inherent to the genre, and not good for it. In the case of New World, the first release of Amazon Games, the waiting time reached hilarious levels with counters exceeding 236 hours to enter to play. This is what Lost Ark is suffering and, unfortunately, the situation is as grotesque as we expected.

If we look at the game's forums, Reddit or social networks like Twitter, we will read the testimony of dozens of players who are waiting for hours with thousands of users ahead in the queue. That is why we have considered if there is any way to enter before. Far from arcane rites or unforeseen hacks, here we bring you some tips to enter Arkesia before or, minimize the queues on the servers.

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Get in at dawn Yes, it seems like a no-brainer very obvious —although, as we have already told you, there is nothing magical about this and a large part is patience—, but if you want to find the best time of day to play, you may have to stay up late or get up early. Having enabled servers for Europe, we do not have to compete with countries in very distant time slots, so mornings and nights are our best option.

Image: SteamCharts

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If we look at the SteamCharts user graph, for example, we will see that the “peak hours” coincide with 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. :00. At that point of the day, Lost Ark has amassed no less than half a million players and the lowest points are found between 07:00 and 13:00 (time USApeninsular). Taking into account these hours, let's go with our second advice.

Do not enter at the time, load before Still with the obvious, I know, but if we know the “peak hours” of Lost Ark, we can always get in earlier and wait with our fingers crossed for the wait time to be minimum or, at least, more affordable. Waiting is a no-brainer for Lost Ark players, so if we plan to play around 6:00 p.m., an hour before the late-night rush of players, we should always enter the game before.

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Wait AFK and go do your things Obviously, everyone's situation is different and we can't always start the game several hours before playing. There is work, school and other chores that keep us busy every day and for this reason we bring you a very useful tip: leave our character looking at the shrews. At the moment, Smilegate has not updated its service policy and offers the possibility of setting an AFK timer so that we are not kicked off the server if we are not doing anything. How to leave our AFK character without getting kicked off the server?

Editor's note. They are game options. We are not talking about hacks or tweaks of game data to avoid ban. By default, each character's timer is 15 minutes, but to expand it we go first to the main menu. There, we access the menu Settings next to the Terms of Use. Once inside, we enter Gameplay and, later, Controls and Screen . In this section we will find an option that says “AFK Settings” or “AFK Timer”.

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At this point it will suffice to increase the waiting time from 15 minutes to one hour . Only 60 minutes? Yes, and this is the way to do it without breaching Smilegate's agreements with Lost Ark. As in New World, many players modify the controls to walk around the map without even being in front of the computer, which leads to expulsion if caught.

Enter the empty server again, although it is not recommended You can check the available servers with Spanish-speaking communities at this link. Currently, there are three servers where the USAcommunity is settling into the game, each with a specific focus. Obviously we can always go to any of the others servers european without problems, only the language barrier.

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However, if we enter these servers, we must bear in mind that the price to pay if we want to change is high. Currently, Lost Ark does not allow us to change servers taking our character with us. This means that if you have opted for Wei and your friends enter Trixion, accompanying them implies sacrificing our character already created.

Use a remote desktop to load while away This is an option I hadn't thought of . It hadn't even crossed my mind, but it's a genius that I owe to my colleague Iván Lerner. This option involves using Google Remote Desktop and no, it is not harmful or against the rules of Smilegate or Amazon Games. Although it does not guarantee you the best gaming experience if you want to enter Arkesia from the street or the subway, it is a way to continue doing things away from home while we have our reserved space in the tail.

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The MAG series was born through rigorous quality tests and was designed to be a symbol of robustness and durability. Focused on providing the best user experience, the MAG series has a simple installation process along with a friendly user interface that makes it the best choice for entry-level gamers.

Its configuration is quite simple —for this we recommend this post from the Xataka colleagues that explain everything perfectly—, but it requires us to leave our computer always on. It is a small, or huge depending on the situation of each one, sacrifice to make to load the game from away from home.

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This replicates the computer screen on our mobile. So, when you're away from home, all you have to do is access your computer from away from home with Google Remote Desktop and enter the game. Once this is done and as if it were our monitor, we will only have to enter our server and wait without having to wait physically.

Arm yourself with patience The last piece of advice is just as obvious as the first two, but the best in this type of case. As we have anticipated before, Lost Ark suffers from the scourge of infinite waiting . .s are prone to this and, unfortunately, it doesn't matter how many years pass, the situation remains the same.

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Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to be patient . We know it's not the best and waiting hours for a game you've paid for is bad, but Lost Ark currently has more servers than New World had at launch. Still, this will be the situation and it will most likely get worse this weekend when the game officially launches for all players.

It is expected that, like the rest of the proposals of the genre, the novelty that Lost Ark supposes is diluted and the most assiduous players of the genre remain in it. When can that happen? We don't have an exact date, but after a few weeks at the top, it's customary for .s to go downhill and stay with a solid core of players.

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